Friday, April 13, 2018

The experience makes you remember the winter season in Hanoi

With ancient streets, pavilions, pavilions, flowers ... Hanoi winter days have left impressive impression for tourists.
Hanoi four seasons each have their own beauty. Visitors impressed with a winter Hanoi with the trees, leaves and flowers, the charms of the beautiful, passionate pavement dishes such as grilled corn, roasted potatoes, grilled dishes, hot pot ...
Let's Travel Vietnam 10 points of interest make you remember the winter season in Hanoi.

  Eat ice cream in winter
The idea of ​​a new summer ice cream is expensive, but no winter cream is much more expensive. It seems that the ice cream in Thanh Nien, Trang Tien, Thuy Ta ... more crowded. It is not difficult to meet winter in the hands of the ice cream in cold weather, but the face is filled with delight.

Wind on the Long Bien bridge

Not only hot summer days but cold winter days Long Bien bridge is not always empty. Standing on the bridge overlooking the Red River River, watching the fields wipe under the bridge, enjoying grilled corn or roast potatoes is an interesting experience only in winter Hanoi.

Eat baked goods

If you have the courage to resist the cold of winter, get up early to see Hanoi in the morning. You will see the beauty of a peaceful Ha Noi with a little bit of sadness by winter smoke, the beauty that in just a few minutes will not be replaced by the bustle and bustle of the city. If you love Hanoi you will surely find your heart to settle before the moment of Hanoi.

Winter is also at the barbecue on the throne. Cold winter chill people just like to gather around the oven, flip pieces of meat on the oven to wait for them to ripen and enjoy. This fun feeling is only available on winter days
Take pictures with painters

Cucumbers are the flowers for the winter in Hanoi. Flowers are pure beauty and pure as to bring a dream for the city. Do not forget to shoot with small flowers but bold colors of Hanoi this.

Explore Hanoi at night

Night to Hanoi take away the noisy, bustling to return the full quiet to the city. Night City you can feel the breath with the vitality of this familiar land. While walking you go to a roadside restaurant, eat a bowl of late porridge, or buy grilled chestnuts fragrant to see the winter really came.

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