Thursday, April 12, 2018

The flower species called autumn Hanoi

The last days, bring back to bring the feeling of tumultuous, accretion, it reminds reminders of how emotional one time. Autumn is probably the most beautiful season, with Hanoi as well, if anyone has ever come to Hanoi this autumn, you will never forget the cold weather and the smell of flowers occasionally. where the place. Together we call the flowers made in autumn Hanoi.

Warm flowers of Hanoi   Thu brought the cold and pigs in every corner of Hanoi. The weather is also the most suitable time for the flowers to bloom. The smell of milk flowers may be a characteristic of Hanoi when touching the alley is also the smell of milk flowers everywhere in the corner of the city people silently remembered mixed feelings about a passionate Hanoi. The white flowers, ti in a bunch of small white one to create a clear sky in Hanoi. Just a milk flower is the corner of the street was incensing. There is probably no flower in the world to have the power to spread as strong as silk flowers, immersed in the fragrance of milk flowers that makes me forget the feeling of fatigue of daily life, add energy for the new day.

Come to Hanoi in autumn, you will probably recognize this fragrance, but most must mention the streets such as Nguyen Chi Thanh, Quang Trung, Quan Thanh...   White Mums In contrast with the yellow chrysanthemum blooming around a corner of the sky, the white only hatched in the white with pure white. White daisies or other names are very cute, but the flowers are fragile flowers, grass flowers fragile but strong vitality, flowers are often hatched in the late autumn when the weather will be cold. In the autumn, the girls often nodded to the chrysanthemum gardens to capture their best photos. Cat does not have such passionate flowers as silk flowers do not stand out like daisy yellow, but it always has a place in the heart of the Ha Thanh people cannot replace, the flower season is short but leave the balance In the heart of people, beautiful flowers to strange, the small white wings around, the yellow stigma makes the beauty of thin simple as the soul of the poet. Autumn Hanoi blue sky with a Thao flower Watermelon also known as flowering flowers, flowers are usually hatched in the last days, Hao is grown all year round in Dalat but only in Hanoi in the last days. Throughout the streets of Hanoi, Thach Thien also followed the foot of the line to the streets greeting bring their own beauty purple sky.   If you have the opportunity to come to Hanoi, do not forget the bar in the small streets to enjoy the taste of autumn Hanoi and buy yourself a bouquet of flowers as gifts to relatives to pick up

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