Thursday, April 12, 2018

The hot tea for winter Hanoi

Winter in Hanoi will be warmer if you enjoy the tea hot, delicious features of Hanoi such as cassava tea, tea drift ....

Hot cassava tea Hot tea (39 Ly Quoc Su) is famous for its rich, aromatic and yellowish tea. Each piece of cassava is iron square to eat and then cook until soft plastic. A bowl of hot cassava tea cost from 10,000 VND. Dried water Drinking water (146 Quan Thanh) at the traditional tea shop Thom traditional in Hanoi. Tea drift light bar, cake rolls, sweet green beans, bùi, aromatic. Quan started selling from 15h, age about 40 years. Here the tea price is VND 15,000 a bowl. Drifting boat Drift boat (4 Hang Can) with drifted bread in sweet ginger sugar is the most attractive dish when crowded. This dish has a cake made of green beans, coconut green beans, black sesame seeds sugar, coconut black sesame. To distinguish the types of people, people mold the cake in a circle or oval. Price of 15,000 a bowl. Stick tea to Mrs. Thin Sticky rice tea Thin (No. 1 Bat Dan) delicious famous for yellow gold juice, mixed with attractive green beans. Crumpled golden incense, plastic fragrant. Tea with sticky rice is usually the tea and tea light tea, not too sweet. In addition, Thin restaurant has green tea, hot black tea, lotus tea ... 15,000 per cup. Green, soft yellow flowers, fragrant seeds, not sen decadent seeds are not crushed. Quan also has peanut candy, nine layers of rattan, sticky rice ... Banana tea Banana tea (35B Nguyen Binh Khiem) with bananas is baked fire and then cooked to make tea. So when eating, bananas snake, sweet without being chit. The most crowded during the hours. Come here, you can enjoy the famous cake of the restaurant. Tea of ​​taro Tea of ​​taro (31 Dao Duy Tu) delicious, strange mouth. Green tea can see the whole potato underneath. This tea is served with coconut milk. In addition, here you can eat durian tea, banana tea, corn tea ... is also very good but only 20,000 VND a bowl. In the cold weather is nothing more than walking with friends and warm your body with delicious tea. This will definitely be an enjoyable experience for you in winter in Hanoi.

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