Monday, April 16, 2018

The most attractive tourist experience on Halong Bay

Halong Bay is not only attractive to visitors because of the beauty of a majestic and magnificent natural wonders of the islands rising in the middle of the green sea, where there are other interesting attractions.

We explore these activities to add to the exciting experience for your next trip. Some of the most popular and interesting activities in Ha Long Bay are swimming, fishing, scuba diving and boating, cycling. This is really great things that visitors will experience the beautiful Ha Long Bay with beautiful beauty.   1. Sleep overnight on the boat   Although many hotels are built on the big islands of the bay, but experience a night in a boat in the middle of the vast ocean with wind and cool water outside the bay will be wonderful especially for first time visitors. Ha Long tourism. In this way, you will feel closer, feel the tranquil breeze at night with the breath of the sea.
2. Swim and swim in the bay   Ha Long Bay has thousands of islands and caves. Therefore, it is difficult to list points for swimming, fishing, scuba diving, kayaking and yachting around the bay. Cat Ba Island has many famous and comfortable beach as Cat Co beach 1,2,3. Beaches with stunning views of the cliffs of the bay create a great place for visitors.
3. Experience cycling and mountain biking
Mountain biking experience is also a great option on Cat Ba island. There are many wildlife species such as tortoises and yellow apes. Tourists can choose to follow the tour. 4. Visiting Viet Hai village   Viet Hai Village is located in a part of Cat Ba National Park. The people live in bamboo houses with thatched roofs. Visitors will be exploring the local life of this area with the culture of Cat Ba preserved for hundreds of years.   5. Water Park   The Spa Resort on Cat Ba Island has excellent swimming pools with skis and waterfalls. This is not only a hotel in Vietnam but also a water park, a great place for family travel.

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