Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The most delicious dishes in Dalat

Coming to Da Lat, besides visiting the famous tourist spots, enjoying mountainous cuisine is also a memorable experience.

  1. Grilled noodles Unlike fried nem fried, Dalat nem grilled rolls are usually rolled with rice paper, lettuce, bananas, and ... and soy sauce "unique". Thanks to that, the fatty aroma of nem baked with the freshness of the vegetables grows attractive. 2. Light beef noodle soup Although the specialty of Hue, but when coming to Anh Sang hamlet, next to Xuan Huong Lake, Dalat, you can still enjoy the beef noodle with not less than taste, just a little variation to match the taste. of cold land plateau. That is instead of split vegetables, Hue beef noodle soup here with sliced ​​lettuce, bean sprouts and banana flowers. 3. Baked rice paper
On the charcoal stove, grease, quail eggs, minced meat, roasted sauteed on the thin paper rolls. In a blink of an eye, the golden color covered the whole cake, dots with spicy chili sauce that makes people eat off the broth. 4. Assemble Strange but this is a familiar dish when it looks like dry cow in Hanoi and dried beef in Saigon. The main ingredient of the dish is paprika, beef lamb or liver pork rim carefully, peanuts, basil, sweet and sour fish sauce ... 5. Roasted corn ram With a spoonful of baby corn, marinated with spices on rice paper and fried until golden in color, it creates a very sweet and sweet sauce for Da Lat. When eating, ram bacon once again was rolled with rice paper, cucumber, bean, carrot ... and raw vegetables and then put into the soup made from peanut sauce 6. Strawberry ice cream Strawberries are famous Dalat so it will be a mistake if you come here without tasting ice cream made from fresh strawberries to the garden, fresh milk, eggs and some other materials. Enjoying ice cream in cold weather Da Lat seems to make the food more interesting and attractive when the fresh sweet of strawberries blended with the cool taste of cream and soil. 7. Cakes Da Lat pudding mixed with a little powder filter, so slightly inside and a little tough. Meanwhile, shrimp sauce is comparable, orange eye-catching and attractive taste. One serving of duckweed usually consists of 4 small cups and is very popular. 8. Chicken Wings The unique combination between wet cake and chicken hearts has attracted the curiosity of many visitors when coming to Da Lat. Then, when they taste it, everyone is enjoying the very strange taste that is enticing of the dish. It is the soft taste of sweet, sweet chicken

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