Thursday, April 19, 2018

The most interesting and unique coffee shops in Hue

It can be said that sipping a cup of coffee overlooking Hue peaceful and quiet is a pleasure for many tourists. Listed below will list the most beautiful coffee shops in Hue for you to choose.
Coffee Cookie, cafe for busy people Coffee has long been popular because it meets the needs of many in modern life. Coffe Cookie is such a cafe.   The style of the restaurant is inspired by the dynamic pace. It is luxurious and full of personality. Not only that, furniture here is designed from wood brings rustic, close. Drinks are made not only sophisticated but also decorated in strange style, eye-catching. There are many different types to meet the diverse needs of customers such as Italian coffee, fruit cocktail, soda ... Musilk Lounge, colorful space The cafe is said to have a unique style in the old capital, an open style cafe, a space large enough for dating. Musik Lounge has two separate spaces indoors and outdoors. If there are sofas, small pillows in the house, the outdoors is a space to bring a lot of difference.   Architectural style is not enough here to provide delicious drinks such as yogurt, ice cream, tea and snacks such as French fries, fruit ... If you have the opportunity to exchange and meet. many famous singers. Paris, a glimpse of France in the heart of Hue Also known as Paris miniature in the heart of Hue, the French capital's coffee shop is the favorite destination of many tourists.   It is easy to recognize this cafe is a French villa so the pomp and sophistication of the house contribute not less to the appeal of the restaurant. This is a favorite destination for those who love ancient features and quiet. Here you can choose a small corner to sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet, quiet music space.   Greatio Corner, space for young people This cafeteria is designed for young, active people in the capital. Therefore, the whole interior and decoration are reflected in this spirit. You can see small things such as dial watch, small graceful flower rows, multicolored pillows and beautiful peach pods to take pictures.   Beverages are also enjoyed by many young people like smoothies, ice blaneders or green tea with smooth cream ...

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