Sunday, April 15, 2018

The New Year's Eve to each other about Hoi An steps between the old town of the 20th century what is equal

Meanwhile, Hanoi, HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang welcomes the new year 2018 with Countdown music and light majestic, Hoi An choose to re-reflect the ancient city of the early 20th century on New Year's Eve.

Lost in the middle of the 20th century Hoi An ancient town on New Year's Eve If you are too familiar with modern art programs, why do not you travel together about Hoi An tourism, lost in the ancient city of the early twentieth century, to "check-in" the new year 2018 in their own way?   On this occasion, wander the streets of Tran Phu, Le Loi, Bach Dang, ... in the old town you will as a step into a Hoi An of the 20th century. With the context is arranged delicate combination with sound, light and traditional arts activities will accompany, visitors will re-present an ancient, romantic space hard to find.   The old town center area from An Hoi Bridge to Hoai River Square will be lit by hundreds of colorful lanterns. Pictures of a house in Hoi An, where the lanterns are lit, bring a nostalgic space for tourists, on New Year's Eve. Of course, this is also a chance to spoil your superlative photos to "check-in" the new year 2018 is very different.   On New Year's Eve 2018, guests can choose boats, wooden boats anchored on the Hoai River, to see the boat cruise the ancient town of Hoi An and drop flower pollen for a good new year, well afforded.   In addition, during the Lunar New Year, Hoi An also has many artistic entertainment activities typical of Quang land, such as folk art performances, nightly food service, photo exhibition "Quang Nam Tourism 2017 ", spring festival, lucky blooms of the year, street art performances, ...   Famous attractions in Hoi An on New Year's Eve   Choose Hoi An as the destination during the New Year holidays, visitors not only welcome New Year's Eve in the ancient space, but also have the opportunity to visit the famous tourist spots in Hoi An, such as: Silk Village Traditional 400 years old, Thanh Ha pottery garden - Vietnam's unique pottery museum, Cam Thanh eco-tourism ...   Ecotourism coconut forest Cam Thanh If you travel to Hoi An self-sufficiency, do not overlook the opportunity to row paddies in the vast coconut forest Cam Thanh River. Walking on the stream of water between the green coconut forest, learning how to row the basket by hand, listening to singing bait, fishing in the lake ... are very interesting activities that you will experience here.   Hoi An silk village In the middle of the cultural heritage space, the traditional village of Hoi An is a very attractive place to visit for both domestic and international visitors. Come here, you will learn about the traditional silk weaving process of the Cham Pa, admire the old mulberry trees more than 100 years, see firsthand, touching the ancient weaving looms. In addition, according to the experience of Hoi An travel of the previous ones, here you will experience the steps such as silkworm silkworms reel, spinning silk... before choosing to buy some products like silk, donated her sister.   Thanh Ha pottery park Thanh Ha pottery park is the largest pottery park and is the most unique ceramic museum in our country. Visitors to Hoi An here will be visited to learn about the traditional pottery Thanh Ha has been preserved for 500 years.   The park is designed and built with 9 separate areas, including the Village Museum, Terraces Market, production camp, ceramic kiln, product area, exhibition area, Sa Huynh - Cham, garden setting, miniature world and traditional village. In it, the miniature world displays the world-famous architectural wonders made of terracotta, extremely delicate and unique.

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