Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The only place to worship God "

Who went to Hebei midland, inquire about the Moon Temple where? Go to the city of Hai Phong, go to Bo Ha intersection, there is a road to the coal mine, the shrine to worship him, her house, the stone pavement on the road.

The lyrics praised the scenery of Nguyet Ho Temple in Huong Vi Commune, Yen The District (Bac Giang), which was quite familiar to people around the area. Located between the mountains, the word long, singing has become "special" in Moon Lake. Just a few kilometers from the territory of Huu Lung district (Lang Son province), the activities and practices of the people in the mountainous region. Nguyen Thi Thanh, 79 years - the incense in the temple said that the whole country only has this temple worshiping "God King", according to the concept, the astrologers, geography, speech, please. One of the indispensable activities is singing. Legend has it that: "Nguyet Nga is a young Yen living in the scene of welding, but gentle heart, old demons Coc Guoxi sent love and taught her magic astrology, generals Named as Nguyet Ho. To commemorate the merits and life of the lord, the next generation offers the text, "Living silently orphaned parents / Encounters the master of Democrat / Nguyet Ho ". After learning the power of the Prophet, she spent her whole life blessing the people. Soon, the scent was spread to the capital, the king invited the king, each time to fight against the invasion, the king gave him to request, thanks her good view and inquiries . After her death, her grandfather still epiphany see fortune to help people eradicate disaster. Bronze lovers often say that: Lord Nguyet Ho when in place to co-habit in blue, dance bait, sometimes "God dwelling" also use betel leaves, cherries to see fortune tellers, tell the world. Holidays at Moon Lake on 15-2 lunar calendar, where the ceremony is conducted with unique ritual singing ceremony. The person chosen to sing the chorus must have a good voice, good music, full virtue and family without dust. The drum slowly resounded, the sound of the flute of flute, the moon in the midst of the forest makes the ceremony has a strange attraction. On the altar, the gift has tasted all the candy, fruit. Below the screen, bronze bar, archery and ceremony attendants dignified hands to glass, a singing soup at Nguyet Ho temple began so. Those who come here are immersed in the quiet, deep singing and flying as the leaning sky. The lyrics to the goddess of the temple not only bring the sound of the mountains, the cultural identity of the local but also the style of life. When performing, each bar, bow as an actor express drunk in each piece of music, dance. The legendary stories of the pastoralists in each price range are "sequentially" interwoven with artistic performance through gestures, gestures of the bar and the lyrics of the bow chalk. When the bass, when bass has made those who witnessed the ceremony are cheerful, cheerful and sure enough it will also deposition with many people. Every year, especially in the spring, thousands of visitors come from all over the country to make pilgrimage to Nguyet Ho Temple to pray, pray for peace, pray for peace. It is also one of the common spaces of the worship of the four kingdoms such as Suoi Mo Temple (Luc Nam), Bac Le (Lang Son), Phu Day (Nam Dinh), Tay Ho (Hanoi), Bao Ha Lao Cai)… The ceremonial ceremony, which has been recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage, is currently under preparation for UNESCO's recognition as a non-material heritage representing humanity. But besides the beauty still some people take advantage of the phenomenon. Therefore, each bar, bow should be active awareness of the purity of the ceremony.

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