Friday, April 13, 2018

The streets are famous for food in Hanoi

Hanoi cuisine is diverse and rich dishes, many famous street specializing in a special flavor dishes.

1. Pho book Ngu xa Situated along Truc Bach Lake, Ngu Xa Town is home to varied dishes from noodles. Phở cuốn is a simple but very attractive dish. White rice noodles, rolled to the inside with vegetables and beef fried lightly, eaten with sweet and sour sauce, suitable to eat in the summer. Fried rice noodles, fried egg noodle soup, sour phở, mixed noodle with tamarind is also an interesting choice when wanting to change position. Each item costs an average of 50,000 VND. In many restaurants in this street, Hung Ben restaurant at No. 31 is the most famous, having indoor seating and outside sidewalks. 2. Dry cow stew in Hoan Kiem Lake This 52m long street overlooks Hoan Kiem Lake, the shortest street in Hanoi and is famous for its dry cow dumplings. A dummy plate not only has a dry cow cut into pieces but also has a beef tendon, sliced ​​beef, dried liver, spinach with vegetables and spinach. 3. Roast beef grilled in briquettes Diners will bake food on the stove with a small pan covered with silver foil. Put the butter in a saucepan, then fold beef, cows, heart, stomach, vegetables up, baking customers to eat there. Dishes will add abundant if served with honey and corn bread. 4. Phung Hung hot pot You can choose the hot pot or spicy hot pot for a free evening with friends at the 11th Hai Long bar. The owner of this place also suggested to the group should call guests to avoid waste, not 'hacking' like many famous shops in Hanoi. 5. Roasted chicken leg Ly Van Phuc Chicken legs, chicken wings, stomach, ribs are marinated richly marinated, served with honey bread, cucumber salted, sweet and sour salad. Spicy chili sauce makes the dishes more attractive. An appointment here will cost about 150,000 VND / 2 people. 6. West Lake Oc The inns along the West Lake are located close together, began to open late afternoon to late. Snails, clams, crabs, crabs ... are processed in abundance, besides, there is also a nem of fried noodles typical of Hanoi. Many crowded day, the owners of this street also lined mats near the lake for guests to sit. 7. Grilled Duck Giang Van Minh Specializing in duck dishes, Giang Van Minh Street is a popular gathering place for students and office workers. Deep-fried duck, roasted duck, roasted duck, grilled duck, grilled roast beef with bun, soft and fragrant meat. At the price of about 100,000 VND / person, the duck in Lu Bien restaurant has attractive flavor, crowded to eat the most in the street.

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