Monday, April 30, 2018

The sucking dishes have to "mix" new delicious

One dish will definitely include a variety of ingredients and very eye-catching. The dishes of the oranges are still owned by an extremely large number of fans in this land of bustling Sai.

 1. Rice mixed with Korea Many young Saigon fans are loyal fans of colorful rice and attractive "on each one of the centimeters". When they had just moved out, the rice mixture was extremely eye-catching with egg omelet, fried beef, red ginseng, mushrooms, carrots and some vegetables cooked or boiled. Just add a little special synergy of Korea and mix all the ingredients together so that you have one evening filled, satisfied then. 2. Pho mix As a North American dish, mixed pho is not afraid of "distant road" to the South to occupy the sentiments of Saigon food devotees. A bowl full of pho, boiled chicken, coriander, onions and roasted peanuts. However, what is attractive is the brown sauce. You just sprinkle a small amount then mix it can feel the fragrance fly up the same taste in the meat, bread. 3. Crab stew mixed with egg The crab stew is slightly sour, crunchy and very cool, combined with beef marinated spiced, egg and tomato is really a rustic combination that perfect. This is a simple dish from raw materials to processing will help you change the taste for dishes with many fried dishes. 4. Mushrooms mixed Each fiber is sheer, soft, long-lasting when it is mixed with cabbage, carrots and mushrooms, combined with natural sweetness from beef, shrimp, eel, squid ... Different versions of each version have a delicious taste like crab, eel, squid, seafood ....
5. Salad
Salad is one of the most delicious dishes of Vietnamese cuisine. Any ingredients can be included in the salad, from tough beef, tender soft chicken to fresh seafood. The sweet and sour taste from the vinegar and spices is the perfect attachment for the meat and vegetables in the salad. 6. Rice paper mixed Named as the "king" of Saigon snacks, rice rolls have so far not shown signs of cooling. Only with simple and cheap ingredients such as rice paper cut, dried shrimp, dried squid dried beef, peanuts, spinach, mango and specialty sauces, depending on the seller you have had a snack enough to sip all night.

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