Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The temple has the oldest statue in Vietnam

Experiencing many floods in history, ancient temples at Nom temple, Hung Yen province are still intact and keep all layers of lacquer gold. Located 30 km east of Hanoi, the Nôm pagoda is located in Dai Dong Commune, Van Lam District, which is famous for Hien Street.

According to ancient legends, the Nôm pagoda was built in the middle of the ancient pine forest, perhaps so that the pagoda is also known as the ancient Linh. No one remembers exactly the birth of the temple, only know that on the two large steles remain here, the temple was rebuilt in 1680 and restored many times later. From the entrance of the village of Nôm, tourists will be impressed with the ancient landscape with old houses, moss house roofs, water wells, ban trees ... According to the custom of the village, Visit Tam Giang family light incense to pray for good luck. Then step through nine bridges on the blue plate over 200 years old across the river Nguyet, to the sacred ancient temple. Visiting Nôm pagoda, tourists are not surprised with the green space, peaceful and relaxed soul to admire the mysterious beauty of the ancient sacred statues. In Lintha Nikhom, 122 temples of the great Buddha are made of earth, scattered all over in large and small sizes, depicting the path of maturity of the Buddha. The statues here are engraved with gestures, expressions on the face extremely animated, including Tam Thanh, Tam The, Amitabha, Diamond Cup, Crossed Arhats ... There are The statue is over 3m high but sometimes it is just a fist. According to scientists, with the wrinkles on the shirt and some other features in artifacts, the statues here represent the art of carving the 18th century. Photos of Nom and Nom Yen Pagoda Throughout the floods of history, many places in the flooded area engulfed, even the roof of the temple was washed away, but strange instead of the water, the statue of the Buddha was soaked in water for a long time without any item crushed, horns like a challenge to the harshness of nature. The explanation for the durable vitality of the Buddha statues, some analysis of the researchers said that it is because of the skill level of artisans of the time, to meticulousness, in the coating of thick paint. Visitors can see the harmonious beauty of the temple Nom when walking the temple, with bell tower, empty floor in the lake, the trees shady shade. Crossing the small road side of the pagoda, the tombstone tower of gold bees in the early sun. Beautiful and intact stone towers dating back hundreds of years. With deep spiritual depth and beautiful natural scenery, suggesting what belongs to the ancient past, Nôm pagoda is a destination for those who love the old beauty. Traveling to Nom Pagoda, visitors can also explore, enjoy the ancient culture of the village of Nôm, one of the ancient Vietnamese villages are still preserved to this day.

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