Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The truth about Muong mountain sacred

It is said in the strange village of Muong that anyone in white clothes passing a mountain cave will die, even white herds flying across the mountain cave also fell to the ground ... We came to Dong Hoi commune Thanh Cong (Thach Thanh - Thanh Hoa) to find out the damage.

Silver Mountain Legend Silver mountain lodge is located at the foot of Da Bach mountain in Dong Hoi hamlet, Thanh Cong commune. The mystery of Silver Mountain is associated with the legend of love between female painters "White Girl" and the Cao Son god in the 18th Hung King. Quach The Thanh (80 years old) in Dong Hoi, former chairman of Thanh Cong Commune (term from 1970 to 1975) said: According to his father, there was a white lady living alone in this village. in the mountain cave. At the time of chaos, appeared a general named Cao Son brought troops to here to fight the enemy so they met and arise feelings. After that, they married the couple. They have not lived together for a long time when the enemy attacks suddenly. Cao Son and the army sacrificed to protect the villagers, only "White Girls" survived by beauty as fairy. The enemy invaders find every way to conquer her heart, including the most vile tricks, but all are useless, "White Girl" devotes all her love to the lost husband. Later, because of grief, this woman hid in the forest to become Da Bach Mountain. The people here witnessed strange things appearing around the Da Bach Mountain cave, from the white stork story passing through the cave entrance to the ground, to the story of the people wearing white clothes and hats are sick, sick. Disability and disaster ... People here think that these things relate to the "White Girl". Therefore, they set up temple at the foot of Da Bach Mountain to worship her and Cao Son. From then on, the villagers did not dare to bring anything white with them when they came around the cave and planted their firewood. Not only that, around the temple, people also abstain the word "white" and change to the word "silver" or "white". In the past, this mountain is called White Stone Mountain, but since these strange stories appeared, the people changed to Da Bach Mountain. Strange stories Thanh said he witnessed strange things in the cave of Da Bach in the 1950s when he was a young man. Thanh said: "Silver mountain cave is located just behind the village, the road is very difficult, steep slope, the area. On the day I with some elderly people in the village to explore the road to the mountain cave to choose the direction of the temple is strange. While everyone climbed into the cave with ease, I could not get up. Try to stick to blocks of wood that go forever back to the old place. At that time, people realized that I was wearing a white shirt. " A few years ago, a young boy named Bui Van Hai (born in 1986) cut down the wood in the mountain behind the shrine and suddenly fell into the field. At night, we do not see the family, the villagers seek. When it came to where blood was found throughout the body, no breathing. At that time, people thought he was dressed in white. Another story is no less than another son was again told by people: In the past, there was a woman in the forest looking for medicinal plants around the shrine, she saw a smooth stone, compact home made grinding stone. Unexpectedly, that night the woman suddenly became seriously ill. Everybody said that the main reason for the stone should be to take the old place and then apologize to the gods. Immediately, the woman's family stoned the stone to place the old and burn incense prostrations. Unexpectedly, the woman suddenly recovered from illness. According to a senior in the village, the stone at the base of the tree is the old grinding stone Cao Son and soldiers used to sharpen the sword to fight the enemy. Above the grindstone there is a source of cool water flowing out never exhausted. Bui Thi Dao (55 years old) in Dong Hoi said: "This stone also predicts the death of the village through the phenomenon of self released dark black water. If you see this phenomenon, certain days in the village will have funeral. We went to Quach Van Thuong, Vice Chairman of Thanh Cong Commune to ask for clarification. Thuong said: "The story of the Dong Hoi worshiping" White Girl "and Cao Son is true. The story of this story I have also heard, just the word through the mouth only. Thuong added that the story of the young man in this village cutting down wood fell to the dead was just a coincidence and people are rumored to blow in the spiritual direction. We continued to meet Guo Gong Dam (56 years old) who was in charge of the two temple shrines. Mr. Dam said: "Dong Hoi is a land associated with legend. Spiritual stories are passed from one person to another. The story of the flock flying through the hole "silver" fell to the ground is just a story of ancient, unknown origin and no one witnessed. And it was rumored that those who wore white could not walk to the shop. Still, there are people who wear white overalls

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