Monday, April 23, 2018

The world behind the Thai cloth scarf

With the color of each pattern, the scarf is considered as the spirit guardian soul of every Thai woman.  Each Vietnamese ethnic group has its own cultural characteristics. This is reflected in the habits, beliefs, especially clothing ... For Thai people, the characteristics are more known through the traditional cloth.

Like traditional brocade, the towel is woven from cotton and then dyed indigo. When the dry cloth of Thai women began embroidering colorful and eye-catching patterns. There are 3 types of embroidery on each towel: climbing, goose and peng. In which the advent of evil is the ghost, the protection of the soul for the towel, the piao is the noble goods of the superiors and the wrong peng is the love of the couple. However, all three types of embroidery are only embroidered on the two ends of the scarf. There was a handkerchief in the hand to see the wisdom of the Thai woman. The colors and patterns are uniquely crafted together. It is the color of the forest, the yellow of the sunshine, the rice fields and the white and pink of the fragrant flowers. Each pattern is like the way the Thai people behave with nature and the village. That is not to say that the towel is not only the head but also the symbol of Thai belief. A scarf like a god protects a Thai woman in the sun, in the rain. A towel usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete because Thai women only embroider scarf at leisure. Visitors can visit the village of Thai people can meet the image of intently and meticulous girls sitting embroidered towel on the porch. Sometimes the images are girls, mothers with children or old people. Perhaps in the Thai view, embroidering a beautiful scarf is a criterion of quality, so Thai women, from young to old, can embroider impressive scarves. In the emotional life of the Thai, the scarf is a special demonstration for couples love. These are festive occasions, when the girl tossed, the guy who caught the temple for her one or two pairs of silver rings. When the guy throws and the girl does not catch the towel to throw out. The scarf became an excuse for them to love each other. If the girl does not love the guy, then she can bring other things to retrieve her scarf. Until the preparation for getting married, the Thai girls have to do handkerchief as an indispensable gift of the bride for the family home. And so on, the scarf attached to the Thai woman from childhood, during festivals until her husband's home. Even in the house where mourning cloths are used as gifts, the children also have to wear scarves in the funeral. The scarf was like a guide to the lost soul who found the way to the sky, the world beyond. Today, the scarf crosses the small village of the Thai people into a souvenir to visitors to visit. Take a handkerchief on hand to learn about Thai culture and also to save a memory in a walk.

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