Thursday, April 12, 2018

There is nostalgic character named Duong Lam between Ha Thanh

Sugar Lam is a name unknown to many young people in Ha Thanh because the old village of more than 300 years old has become a destination when looking for peace between the chaos and chaos in the streets. There are wells, banyan trees, communal house roof, birds singing roar on the roof of mossy red ... rare in the heart of the capital.  
To the village of Lin Road like? Lang Duong Village in Son Tay town is one of the ancient villages famous not only in Hanoi but throughout the country, dating back over 300 years. With its nostalgic architecture, it is an ideal destination for those who love the experience and want to explore the ancient culture of the Vietnamese. You can choose one of the vehicles to move to the village according to your preferences and needs such as buses, cars, motorcycles ... Motorcycles are still the first choice for youngsters love to explore to easily move without depending on anyone at the same time can check all type on the route to Lam. Stepping through the door to buy tickets, the first steps on the village, seemingly familiar childhood memories are clear. The scenery in front of it is just nostalgic old as urban rhythm has overwhelmed us to go, but Road Lam is horrible, is one of the most prominent vestiges of time left on the land Prime capital. Ancient architecture attracted in the village of Lin Road If in the center of Hoi An City hundreds of years old, in the village of Duong Lam is not inferior. Up to this time, which village still retains the original stone walls built with stone beads with mossy roofs of time? To enter the village, tourists go through the gate made of wood characteristics typical of the village architecture of the North with curved roofs. Going deep in, the two sides of the village road, looking down at the foot is brick paved road carrying the specific characteristics. Surrounding the village is the pond, which is a breath-taking, comfortable air like a giant air conditioning for the whole village is always fresh cool. Like the village in North Vietnam, Duong Lam is arranged in the context of the banyan tree, village gate, water landing, communal house, rice fields, pagodas, shrines, ... make the visitors feel the closeness. I do not know where, but I think the people of the last century are living calmly, leisurely in the countryside. People come to the village in the summer, around May, September - when the village is eager for harvest. On the winding brick road, filled with straw, the cattle carts slowly pull the rice, you feel every corner somewhere smells the aroma of rice, rice. But not so that we forget to visit Lin Road in the winter, when the weather is iron, wearing a warm shirt on their shoulders, walking together on the old brick road; Time to stop, and this moment in Duong Lam is really cherished. Should visit the place in the ancient village of Duong Lam? Duong Lam is a village of five villages: Mong Phu, Cam Thinh, Dong Sang, Doai Giap, Cam Lam. In particular, the highlight of the village to mention the Mong Phu village gate was built in 1833 is the young people choose to check-in favorite. Therefore, the first point of the journey to discover the ancient village of Duong Lam is the other side of Mong Phu village. See the arched arch with wooden doors, not guarded like the other village gate, one side is banyan tree, you will feel the urge than ever step into discovery the inner world. Continue the journey we visit the Mong Phu hamlet. The royal family was built under the reign of Le Hien Tong in 1684; designed in the style of the word on a vacant land between the eye-catching hill. On the way to the village, we go to Catholic Church Duong Lam is a place not to be missed when exploring this village. The building was built according to European architecture in 1953, although the church was old and dazed by time, it also exudes the majestic ancient beauty that not many works on this land have. Stroll around the village, feel the cluttered stone walls, closed houses, the atmosphere is a little ambiguous, the feeling of velvet and hard to describe. If you are tired, you can stop by at the roadside restaurant, enjoy the green teacup warm, chat a few stories with the locals as much as how interesting life in this ancient space. In the midst of the ups and downs of modern life, Duong Lam - an ancient Vietnamese village outside of Hanoi still retains all the precious values ​​that have existed for centuries. To achieve this, Lam Road is still quiet and closed, only the heartfelt traveler can step forward and feel what the essence is hidden by time.

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