Wednesday, April 18, 2018

There is a Van village in the heart of Da Thanh

In the 80's, in the heart of Da Nang has a separate village with the people of the city, it is Van. A small village at the foot of the Hai Van Pass where the leprosy patients reside. With the attention and support of the state, the sick are brought into the city to live in harmony with each other in the community. The rustic, rustic features of Van village still exist until today.

How to move to Van village? Van Village is located in the North of Danang City, in the south of ChonBird. To travel to Van Da Nang, you can choose 1 of 3 ways: Option 1: Boat trip to Van village Go all the way to Nguyen Tat Thanh National Highway 1A, there are a few people nearby, ask the boat to Van village, they will guide you.
Method 2: Go down from the mountain Drive to Hai Van pass, from the foot of the pass to the range of 2 - 3 km, keep the car in a small water house on the right side of the road, ask the way down Van village they will guide you. After trekking down to the train line, about 800m further away, looking down to the left hand there is a sign of directions down Van village. Going down that road will meet the beach, you are now to Van village. Option 3: Chui tunnel Take the motorbike to the foot of the pass, send the nearby car home and start tunneling. However, it is necessary to know the time of the train, so ask how the train runs to ensure the safety of yourself. Despite such danger, the feeling of tunneling is very critical. Peaceful appearance in the village of Van Da Nang You are surprised to see the tranquil tranquility in Van village - small village separated from the city. The harmony of the colors create the colorful scene, the song of the sea, the wind blowing, where sometimes hear the birds screech ... all make the song, not soothing, make you very confused Coming here, the flips of daily life are put aside to one side give way to peaceful place in Van village. Travel Van Da Nang has 3 main yards, that is Coconut Beach Blue color mixed with sand color, embracing the sea to create the beauty of coconut. Peaceful moments, find on the great sea to enjoy your extremely. Experience the feeling of swimming in the sea, the coconut manually picking, enjoy life in this island paradise. Bai Xuyen Bai Xuyen is the main beach of the village, now only a few households living by fishing net. Camp overnight, BBQ party, singing the guitar, watching the light full of mystery here feel how interesting life, how many sorrows dissipate.
Bai Xoan Bai Xoan is the most beautiful beach, but can only watch, not because the whirlpools can be dangerous to you. When the sun started flashing the first light that started the day, shining like a beautiful painting at Xoan beach. Note: The first thing when coming to Van village is you need to do is to the border station to declare name and address, the number of people go to stay. There is a need to stay overnight, camping in Van village, fire must also declare clearly. Through many ups and downs, Van village still squeezes itself in the silent space of the city. Space full of enchanting, fresh air, beautiful nature ... are beautiful moments when coming here. Once have the opportunity to travel Danang do not miss the opportunity to visit Van.

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