Sunday, April 15, 2018

There is a West Village in Cam Thanh coconut forest

There is a western river water in the heart of Hoi An ancient town, you are ecstatic, it is the name of Cam Thanh coconut forest. Blue color covered the space, harmony in the breath of nature, watching the rustic village scene right at the Hoi An impression of you and remember forever.

Conquering Cam Thanh coconut forest like? No need to book tickets to the West to feel the life of the river. Despair, creativity has generously granted this land a resort Cam Cam Coconut forest. Traveling from the old town, go along the direction of Cua Dai beach about 2km. At that time, you will see a road sign. Or if you are unsure, you can ask the indigenous people, they are very willing and enthusiastic specific instructions. Stroll to the place, the space surrounded by scattered palm forest, the high headline you are overwhelmed by this ecstatic beauty.   Green color covered coconut forest Cam Thanh Back in the old days, the coconut forest used to be a haven for revolutionary soldiers to avoid bombs, in the forest, there is a medical station. At the same time, coconut water is the livelihood of the people here as leaves for roofing, fruit for drinking water or making jam, syrup, alcohol ... Currently, grasp the development trend of tourism Hoi An, The promotion of the image of Cam Thanh coconut forest eco-tourism. Riding in the middle of coconut forest, surrounded by green, very fresh, very gentle, woolly making tourists enjoy. Each rowboat from 2-3 tourists and a paddle, so slowly surf the water into the coconut forest to explore. Floating on the water as you would like to visit the country west river. Leaves of green coconut are delicately instructed by the overseer to give small gifts from those coconut leaves such as watches, rings ... It feels better to experience the paddle itself under the guidance of the person rowing cart. Occasionally, you will encounter the image of the rowing people performing the dance on the water like the dancers are trained with their dance, water splash, you have to admire, admire ... Not only that, in the Cam Thanh Coconut forest, there are some activities on the river to make visitors difficult to refuse as garbage picking, bait singing performances, fishing in the ecological zone, then self-hand-made dishes ... the experience is not a trial is a huge omission. Enjoy food at Cam Thanh coconut forest The coconut forest is an area of ​​mangrove ecosystems near Cua Dai so the animals here are diverse and abundant such as fish, shrimp, crabs ... Here, the chain of coconut leaves the house was built on water, stopping After the river cruise time to discover the beauty of Cam Thanh coconut forest. Diverse dishes prepared by local people include roasted shrimp, hot pot, fried frog, chili paste ... sip beer with watching the scenery here, breathe and relax is unforgettable. Come here at sunset, watching the sunset fall, making coconut forest Cam Thanh more shimmering, like the picture feng shui love. Cam Thanh Coconut tourist site is more and more visitors to discover and experience. The blue color of the green water covered the forest to create a peaceful scene, comfortable and pleasant, all anxiety was put aside to make room for quiet in mind when arriving here.

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