Monday, April 16, 2018

This year to Ha Long Bay admire the 7 wonders of the beautiful flower world

Referring to the world like flowers, many people often think of the city of flowers dream Dalat. But who knows that in Ha Long, visitors have the opportunity to admire the 7 wonders of the world of flowers.

Some general information about the 7 wonders of flower world in Ha Long
Visitors to Halong from 27/1 to 20/2 will have the opportunity to admire the wonders of the world designed for fresh flowers. Firstly organized by Sun Group, besides admiring the 7 wonders of flower world in Ha Long, visitors also experience the activity of playing attractive Tet.

The "Wonder of Flowers" Festival is held at the Sun World Halong Complex. Come here to witness the flowers bloom in harmony in the air to the sky is the unforgettable moments in the journey of Ha Long tourism.

The event lasted nearly 4 weeks. Each week brings a different theme. In the first days of the year, visitors get a glimpse of the sky that is an unforgettable pleasure.
7 wonders of flower world in Ha Long was built according to 7 famous models in the world. That is the Great Pyramid (Great Britain), the Bigben (Britain), the Colosseum (Italy), the Eiffel Tower (France), the House Opera Sydney (Australia).
Opening ceremony - the theme "The world around us"

In the highlights here is the sunrise, Ha Long. The huge sunflowers gathered here proudly shine on Ha Long Bay. The highlight of this festival is the fresh blooming sunflowers.

Not only admire the models are decorated with fresh flowers, visitors also get into the festive atmosphere. Comprehensive entertainment shows are vibrant and fascinating. Carnival shows are performed by international artists from Sun Word Ba Na Hills. Or street bands perform traditional costumes, New Year's celebrations around the world.

"Color Wonder" takes place in the second week
The atmosphere of the ionah show is jubilant. The visitors to participate in the mini-game "What kind of flower you are?" To "buy" for his interesting gifts. This week is called the fortune-telling week of lucky visitors.

Week 3 enters the festival "wonders of flowers"
The pavilions are displayed specialties in the regions of the country bring the atmosphere of traditional Tet lively. New flowers such as apricot blossom, peach, an ... show a great space. Not only at this point, the space shimmer as the lights is lit when night falls.

Adding the spring for this week is the Maius Philharmonic Orchestra. The remix of Vietnamese music by the modern world brings a tremendous amount of excitement. During this week, the model of "Ha Long Boat" is combined with fresh flowers to impress tourists and surprised by the size and beauty.

Last Topic "Sum"
This phrase is almost everyone likes and happy to be referred to each spring of the coming New Year. What is more wonderful when family members gather, after a year of study and work in the land of the country. This week, you will admire the moment the whole family is going to spring in the traditional Tet atmosphere. You will see the mascot of Tet, many folk games are held, see the exhibition of red sentences ...

There really is not a word that can describe the scale as the largest flower festival in the North took place at the Sun World Halong Complex. Not only are they delighted to see the blooming flowers bundled together in wonder models. Visitors to Sun World Halong Complex are also happy to play hundreds of games in the indoor play area.

At the same time, this is the time of the "2018 National Tourism Year - Ha Long - Quang Ninh" accompanying the theme "Ha Long - heritage, wonders - friendly destination ". This is a special event to be held on the occasion of spring - Tết Sun Festival 2018 Sun World Halong Complex became the ideal destination for visitors of all ages.

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