Friday, April 13, 2018

Top 5 famous landmarks around Hoan Kiem Lake

Around the Sword Lake there are many famous but most impressed buildings are the 5 buildings below.

1. Ha Trang Sculpture - Dinh Liet Located right at the street of Dinh Liet, this is probably the most famous sidewalk pavement in Hanoi with the famous boletus. Expensive than the other popular cost about 70,000 VND for a large bowl but Ha Trang restaurant always crowded, especially in the evening and the weekend. Fish sauce is sweet, fragrant pungent aromas of ginger, citronella, chilli and lime leaves are very stimulating fiber. Snails in the shop are carefully selected, each child is thick meat, crunchy, boiled with lemongrass and lemongrass pineapple nose. 2. Snorkel Lady - Tong Duy Tan Tens of years of selling snails in the street famous cuisine Tong Duy Tan, mute couples communicate with guests by sign. Consequently, customers also become lighter and slower when ordering, paying money. Customers can also choose this is a light dinner by boiling snail outside, conventional clam, the restaurant also serves with bun. Disperse noodles or noodles leaves separate, guests themselves to snail into the bowl and dots, similar to the famous cold snail Ha. 3. Oc Le - North Gate The staff at the East Wing, but still can not meet the number of guests each afternoon. Le Thi Le is not cheap. Each group will spend about VND 100,000 to enjoy the delicious food in the small space. The big plus is the rat bread. With a crispy crust, intestines, scallops and mashed potato casserole, stir-fried eggs with stir-fried eggs, stir-fried clams with garlic butter are very mouth-watering. The shop also has fried nem dish fried and quite strange and fried potato chips. 4. Stir fried lemongrass peppers - Hang Bong Located at the crossroads Hang Bong - Hang Da famous with lemongrass casserole chili peppers for those who like to eat spicy. Spicy ingredients such as ginger, lemongrass, chilli are not fragrant and then pour into the pan fried, bring up the attractive aroma. 5. Oc Oanh - Ham Long Small ham opposite the Ham Long pagoda is very attractive thanks to the bowl of crispy fat, hot, boiled cooked to medium. Diners come to the restaurant often call the snail and to enjoy enough individual taste of snail and snail jackfruit. The bustle of the surrounding area also makes it easy to discover a round of Hanoi cuisine with dry cow dumplings, bun ...

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