Thursday, April 12, 2018

Top 5 picnic places near Hanoi for the holiday season 2 - 9

If financial or time does not allow you to go far. Places near the capital below will become indispensable for your entire 2-9 holiday. The first destination is Ba Vi National Park   Ba Vi National Park has the advantage of being just 50 km from Hanoi and has long become a regular destination for young people who love to explore nature, with an area of ​​more than 11,000 ha with many green trees. the temple and pagoda on the top of the mountain, and the large camping forest. This national park is located in Ba Vi district (Ha Noi).    

The special advantage of Ba Vi National Park is the connection with the attractive landscapes to discover you like Thien Son Stream or Tien Sa Lake. The National Park also has many landscapes with many trees and jungle, and famous temples and festivals.   For a good and fun journey you need to prepare the right transportation for yourself. If you go with your family, you should take a car and follow a group of young people, so riding a motorbike will give you a lot of new feeling. Prepare fast food, drinking water. Book hotel rooms, rent tents if you intend to sleep overnight. Entrance fees Ba Vi National Park is 60,000 VND / Adult, 20,000 VND / student, children.   Son Tinh Cam, Dong Mo - the destination is not boring   With a large area of ​​over 40 hectares located on a fanciful peninsula with three sides adjacent Dong Mo lake with beautiful ancient trees, scenic landscape with a harmonious combination of space and scenery. . This place has become a "escape home" weekend for young people.

Camp services, teambuilding are also served varied, with full. Promise is a destination for you to go nostalgic not bored.   Ticket price for Son Tinh Cam, Dong Mo: Security, landscape and environment fee is 80,000 VND / day / person (including parking fee, game: swings, campsite). , fire fire to fire camp for $ 100,000 / 2 people.   Nui Tram - a destination not to be missed for the holiday season 2-9 this year   This is also a new place to attract young Ha Thanh. Nui Tram is located in the area of ​​Phung Chau commune, in Chuong My district, less than 30 km south of Hanoi center, it takes only 40 minutes to an hour by motorbike. The mountain is not too high, but climbing to the top of the mountain view is very nice, but has beautiful terrain with many different shaped rocks, many lawns with large area of ​​view around the canyon.

   Around here, there is a pagoda with a cave next to the radio station of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Go down to the cave very cool, but dark and quite wet, visitors should prepare their own equipment for lighting. This is also the hiding place of our cadre and people during the American war.   Especially, Tram Mountain does not lose any of the sightseeing fees or surcharges. Therefore, the cost for the mountain tour is reasonable, however, the service here is not developed completely, so visitors need to bring food and drink when visiting here.   So wonder what to choose for yourself and set a suitable destination so your holiday will not pass boring

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