Saturday, April 14, 2018

Travel to hiding places in Sai

In addition to the stork garden, Tao Dan Park, you can come to the bamboo village (Binh Duong) or Giang Dien waterfall (Dong Nai) to enjoy the green space of Saigon.

Thu Duc Stork Garden   Located about 20 km from the city center of Saigon, the garden of Thu Duc brings to the green space, a rare tranquility with natural scenery and white storks, where visitors can live in the scene. If you go to a group of less than 10 people, you can rent a boat in the middle of the river for 80,000 VND / hour to enjoy the view. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Saigon.   Ho Chi Minh City Cultural Park (Tao Dan) Tao Dan is one of the parks chosen by tourists to be their picnic, training and exchange.   With the favorable location of many green trees and flowers, the park is also a place where regular programs of festivals and big exhibitions of the city meet the needs of the people of Ho Chi Minh City as well as visitors to the city. Saigon calendar. This is also a place to practice sports in the free time.   Cu Chi   Far from the city center of Saigon (70 km), there are many other picnics, which are popular with tourists. According to the experience of Sai Gon travel to mention the tourist sites of Saigon, Cu Chi can not be mentioned.   Visitors can also participate in playing paint guns or swimming in the water park, the game is always tourists to Saigon enjoy.   Phu An Bamboo Village   Come to Phu An Bamboo Village will bring visitors to a unique green space, just familiar and familiar. Still the image of the familiar bamboo of Vietnamese village, but when coming here, visitors are not surprised by the peaceful beauty of about 1,500 bushes of all kinds, of which many bamboo varieties were first seen. This is a place that is very popular with tourists when traveling to Saigon.   Moreover, according to the experience of Saigon tourism, this is also an ideal space for families and home owners to organize their children's games so that they can remember the traditions of the people.   Giang Dien Waterfall With hot air in Saigon, finding a waterfall near the city will help you to relieve the heat early. That is also the reason that Giang Dien waterfall located in Dong Nai about 50 km from Saigon has become a favorite destination of many families.   Here you can take a swim in the cool water to dispel the vileness of the summer. This is also the ideal place for picnic, tent rental services to help you travel cheap Saigon.

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