Thursday, April 19, 2018

Two places to enjoy salt coffee in Hue ancient capital

The salt seemed not to eat anything with the bitter taste of coffee but it turned out to emphasize the passionate flavor, especially when enjoying on the rainy days in Hue.

Salt coffee seems to appear only in fun stories, but about 6 years ago, salt coffee was considered by Hue people as their specialty, like Hanoi has egg coffee, Hue has salt coffee. This drink has a strange but harmonious combination becomes a pride when introduced to tourists, because to Hue without salt coffee is not known enough knowledge of Hue cuisine.   Just like other cafes, salt coffee is also blended with ordinary beverages, simply without any visual stimulation that forces people to pay more attention to the quality of the coffee. Salt coffee is a blend of bitterness on the tip of the Hue coffee, fresh milk fermented with fatty salty, salty salted salty, just smelled only taste is not like any kind of coffee. Perhaps the creator of this coffee is very knowledgeable in the rules of cooking is to add salt to highlight the sweetness of the dish. No need for ingredients or additives to contribute to the bitter taste of coffee and honor the sweetness of fermented milk. Salt coffee is so simple, but how to make it not too salty as bitter or too sweet as an art. The ingenuity is that the proportion of ingredients must be calculated accurately, not too sweet fat, not too salty concentration, keep the coffee flavor characteristic. When drinking more ice cubes, sips small sips, coffee can make diners feel unfamiliar but the impression of it is still deposited, the more drinkable the more addictive. Sipping a cup of coffee to experience life is an experience you should not miss in Hue. The first salt coffee shop is No. 10 Nguyen Luong Bang, the second base in 142 Dang Thai Tran is invested more space, visitors to the cafe not only to coffee but also to take pictures. Each cup of 15k salt is very suitable for everyone. The best time to sip a cup of salt is on rainy days in Hue. Calling a salty coffee cup by the window watching the rain fall and feeling life is interesting not all visitors feel.

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