Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Two pork rolls "delicious taste" in Da Nang

Talking about the delicious rice cake in Danang must mention the rice barbecue her mother Mau and pork rice cake Mrs. Huong is the people of Danang and tourists trust to find food.

Pan meat barbecue Mau This bakery has nearly 30 years of experience in the profession and has created its own brand of specialty pork rolls in Da Nang when it only has pork meat special super special.   Some rolls here include a plate of pork, pasta, rice paper and raw vegetables. The most prominent is the two-pointed meat is boiled to medium, when the sweet and savory taste of meat boiled. For rice paper rolls, vegetable pork is an indispensable ingredient. Vegetables in Mau bar with full of fresh vegetables, clean.   The wedge here is also very special, fish sauce is mouth, fragrant, not tanh fish flavor of the sea, the pungent taste of garlic, chili makes the dish has a unique taste can not be anywhere. To Da Nang if you want to try this dish can go to 3 premises of the bar that is two establishments in Do Thuc Thinh and a base in Trung Vuong.   Pork rolls wrapped in her mother Huong There is a similar attraction with the bar cake Mau Mau pork rice cake shop Ms. Huong. One pork roll is priced at 69,000 VND with basic ingredients such as sliced ​​pork, green vegetables, rice paper, noodle and important sauces. Pork here does not have two heads but the meat slices are lean, both fat and fat, delicious.   Salad seasoning is also prepared according to a special formula to suit the taste of the guests. Cucumber wedges are very fragrant sweet, salty but subtle with a little sour taste of lemon and spicy chili pepper makes the food becomes more delicious.   Quan has many other dishes such as Quang noodles, salted fish noodles, steamed onion and steamed onion.
Da Nang is not only attractive by the beautiful scenery, ideal travel services but also referred to as a gastronomic paradise in which the most famous is pork rolls. So to Da Nang tourism you definitely do not skip this dish, if not eat is considered not to Da Nang.

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