Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Uniquely "a glimpse of Russia" in the heart of Ba Na Hills

Although not enjoying the peaceful Vonga River or strolling along Aristotle on the snow-covered winter roads, you still find yourself part of Russia when you come to Ba Na.

 "A moment of Russia" in Ba Na is the taste of food, the love songs. Going to Ba Na experience the feeling of cable car travels 4 world record, floating on the clouds to go to Europe, see the ancient architectural space, mix into the flower garden love and enjoy The best food from many different regions will be the memories of life. Here, you can also enjoy the cuisine of Aries in two unique Russian restaurants.
Located on the upper floor of the Du Dôme Square, the Kavkaz restaurant is designed in a unique stabled style with a rustic, rustic brown tone. This place is suitable for relaxing after visiting Ba Na. Appetizer with red radish, this is one of the dishes that you can meet in any meal of the Russian. This traditional dish is composed of beef and red radish, boiled with bone, bay leaf, fennel, and sour cream flavored with a refreshing aroma. Plop KavKax rice mixed with mushrooms, served with sliced ​​meat omelets, vegetables, rice also has the delicious taste of yellow orange sauce that makes diners wake up all senses.
KavKaz coil rolls with pork, sweet taste of the roots, add some black pepper to the spicy aroma of spring rolls with Mayonaise sauce makes you feel warm in the snow. It will be an enjoyable experience to enjoy the lamb, grilled beef marinated with the characteristic flavor of the distant Caucasus, prepared by Russian chef Zakharov Roman Jurivich. If you want to experience a different space, diners will love KavKaz Vista restaurant with ancient castle architecture, featured wooden ceilings and magnificent interiors including two areas: cozy dining table and 360 degree panoramic outdoor tables, which serve Russian-style grills. Russian cuisine is always loved by the simple style of the heart of Russia. Delicate food, poetic space of the restaurants here will put you in a private world, so warm as when you receive a tight bracelet of the Russian people sincerely, warmly and affectionately .

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