Thursday, April 12, 2018

Van Phuc silk - timeless beauty beyond time

Van Phuc silk village, also known as Ha Dong silk village, is famous for silk weaving thousands of years in Vietnam. Through the ups and downs along the capital Hanoi, the product of the village is Van Phuc silk still hidden in the strange charms, so passionate how to visit the city, visit and shopping.

The development of reputation Van Phuc silk village Van Phuc Silk Village is located in Van Phuc Ward, Ha Dong District, about 10km from the center of Hanoi Capital, possessing a favorable location along the Nhue River. Thousands of years ago, the village of Lua Van Phuc was born. From the Nguyen Dynasty, the reign of King Nguyen Khai to King Bao Dai, the royal court used Van Phuc silk to sew. The reputation of Van Phuc Silk is increasing in the world when it was first introduced at the Marseille Fair and was highly praised by the French for the sophistication of a product that served the everyday needs of the Indochinese. now Until 1958, Van Phuc silk was once again honored to be exported to Eastern European countries and received the favor, favor. Today, these silk tiles have passed through many countries in the world and are one of the precious gifts for visitors to Vietnam. What is special about Van Phuc Silk? The capital is increasingly modern, although many changes have occurred to match the pace of industrialization, but the village of Van Phuc still retains the ancient features of a Vietnamese village such as banyan tree, wells water, roof ... but above all the quality of products at the same time.

Van Phuc silk today is varied into a variety of types, models, along with different names: long phoenix, flying clouds, cinnamon, chrysanthemum, longevity ... The pattern on silk can be Under the refined hands, the subtle look creates the product imaginative rich, unique and aesthetic. The silk brand of the village is well known for its 100% silky, soft silk fibers, which are far from the Chinese silk products that are increasingly available in the Vietnamese market. Also by this outstanding feature that whenever visitors visit the village never forget to buy some silk as gifts for relatives and friends at home. In addition, in addition to shopping purposes, in recent years Van Phuc silk village also attracts many visitors to visit to admire the unique silk products that are not available anywhere. Over time, Van Phuc silk still exists and is extremely shining, confirming its position in the garment market at home and abroad when referring to the products made of silk. Each person thinking of Van Phuc is often compensated for the endless beauty of silk in Nguyen Sa's verses:

"Sunny Saigon that he suddenly cool
Because I dressed in Ha Dong silk
I still love him deeply colored shirt
Your poetry still has white silk "

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