Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Very delicious sour soup with chicken leaves

As a species of forest in the Seven Mountains - An Giang, the leaves are used to prepare many delicious dishes, including the hot pot sour chicken. Leaf (also known as a leaf) has essential oils, flavor, and special aroma. Wishes are like lemons but rough shells used to make water to spice up the food. At present, many gardeners in the West also plant more to supply fruit and leaves to the shops.

Thanks to the characteristic flavor of the leaves, many places have been researched and processed into many delicious dishes unique to serve the needs of increasingly sophisticated "god", especially fried beef sausage, chicken Steaming leaves, porridge, chopped leaves ... Sour soup with chopped chicken leaves is a variation of "chicken steamed leaves", the food is delicious and delicious, thanks to the warmth of the leaves combined with the sweet taste of chicken. dishes become sublimated. In order to have an excellent pot of sour chicken, the housewives often choose healthy chickens, garden chickens, and chickens. Chicken, after cleaning, cut into pieces to eat, then marinated with spices, including pepper, onion, garlic, ginger, chili, turmeric, seasoning, fish sauce. Wait until the seasoning to pour new meat into sauté pan until it smells good. Finally, add the broth and sprinkle the leaves together with the red chili and the onion. Sour soup is delicious or not thanks to the soup. Soup must be sour, spicy, sweet, salty to fit the mouth, not too sour or too sweet. Usually, sour soup cooked with tamarind, lemon, but the most attractive is still rice. Rice will help the soup is sour, softer and more beautiful. Looking fizzy soup with fuming smoked five more, five sharp people sitting at the table everyone is eager, only look only see the delicious. Pick up a piece of chicken also entangled a few leaves to the chopped salt in the cup of water mixed with sour sauce just spicy and spicy slowly to enjoy all the delicious taste of the dishes just rustic, luxurious This. Sour soup with chopped chicken is the main dish used with rice, but the most attractive is with rice noodles. Sour soup is considered as soup, soup broth, even more, attractive thanks to the taste and superior quality of chicken which is rich in nutrients. Want more delicious can be eaten with fresh vegetables such as gouache, water spinach ... especially banana vegetable, fresh vegetables just delicious. Not only folk, leaves are also "food flavor" to add flavor to dishes and stimulate the taste. A few years ago, dishes from the leaves were only specialties of the Seven Mountains, An Giang, now most of the western provinces are exploiting these dishes, especially in Can Tho. A chef also proudly said thanks to the sour chicken soup that she made the brand.

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