Saturday, April 14, 2018

Vietnamese dishes attract tourists in Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market is a place to attract a lot of visitors to visit the West, enjoy the food, the dishes below always attract their interest when visiting the tourist market.

  Fried fish stuffed with squash   Typical of the dishes featured in 3 regions of Vietnam are fried fish stuffed with squid stuffed with yellow fried goldfish, looks like the tail feather phoenix is ​​very impressive. Thanks to the chef coat a thin layer of fried flour mixture from the wing to the stalk, while letting the fire come as soon as a slight bite, crumpled crushed, not bored. Especially the sweet chili confection of fresh fish, spicy add a few drops of red pepper paste, spicy and spread the characteristic aroma.   Lobster with orange sauce   This is a type of freshwater catfish that is firm, sweet and tasteless, so it is very popular. This fish can be processed in different ways such as grilled, sour soup, hot pot. However, the dish of tangerine sauce is cooked by the chef in a novel way, eat not bored.   Shrimp rolls Half-fat, half-fat meat can be eaten. However, when using bacon, bring the rolls with shrimp and fried just noodles, combined with the cake asked, raw vegetables with sweet and sour sauce will make the food becomes interesting.   Eel eel
This is a very simple dish with a very familiar taste. Each of the sweet eel delicacies to impress the diners when enjoying the first piece.   Chicken rotates   The chickens are cleaned, then seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, a few flowers, cardamom and a handful of small chopped flowers, then rotate in a large roll until the bumps turn yellow. cockroaches and crispy tan. Not too fussy in decor and spices accompanying, chicken roast will be more delicious if you eat with dumplings, sticky rice or simply pepper with lemon pepper.   Salad with coconut shrimp Considered as a typical southwestern dish, the salad of coconut shredded shrimp with sweet and sour taste, protein, low fat. After eating sweet and sour shrimp with fresh ingredients, the meat will only be added to the plate, sprinkle with little vegetables, simmered onion, beautiful and delicious taste. Quang Phu Chiem   The name of the dish comes from the place of producing this famous noodle, it is Phu Chiem village, Quang Nam. Mix in the white color of each noodles is the red shrimp is rim absorbed deep, the pork spicy medium, accompanied by a white quail eggs. Eat noodles Phu Quiem can not lack the dish of green vegetables, banana thin sliced ​​banana, accompanied by a few slices chili pepper spicy.

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