Friday, April 27, 2018

Visit Co Tu market

The families of A Nong, A Tieng, A Vuong and Tr'Hy bring back products such as chopped vegetables, bananas, cassava, sugarcane, buffalo horns, Pongang sticky rice, fragrant, honey ...

 Three days in the last weekend in Tay Giang district took place the first highland market in Quang Nam for the Co Tu. Ms. C'Lau Thi Hoa from Tr'Hy highland said: "The sisters are trusted by relatives, delivery to the market session to sell. We go from yesterday, come here very happy, many buyers, if the sale of this often, the Tr'Hy people themselves can escape from poverty.     Ms. A Râl Mai Tinh, a teacher of Tay Giang High School, said that for the first time, a fair market was held for Co Tu to earn more income and create habits of buying and selling, production methods, conception of trafficking for Co Tu women.   This market is organized by the People's Committee of Tay Giang district in collaboration with Malteser, a German non-governmental organization operating in the field of forest protection, based in Tay Giang. According to Nguyen Thi Thuy Nga, coordinator of the Malteser program in Danang, organizing regular trade fairs to help Co Tu women have the habit of trading and turning agricultural products into commodities in order to increase their income, thereby contributing to the increased role of women in the family and society.   It is hoped that from this session, the official fair will be held on the 23rd of each month, will begin to form in people a sense of market demand, then will set up clubs, groups Growing vegetables, raising bamboo shoots, raising chickens ... help people raise their incomes, step by step reduce poverty.

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