Friday, April 20, 2018

Vung Tau tourism conquered the places "live virtual" after

A tourist destination near Saigon is the young people hunting in the past, that Vung Tau. Vung Tau as well as the central provinces, there are sea, day and night waves flicker, storks have other famous places. Vung Tau tourism explore the beautiful places innocently make people fascinated.  

Vung Tau coast windswept Want to conquer the coast of Vung Tau originating from Ho Chi Minh City extremely easy. Just a motorbike, it takes about 2 hours to get there. In Vung Tau there are many coastlines, divided into many different places. Like other coasts, the Vung Tau Sea is wind blowing. The moment of conquest of the sunset, hand in hand with him, strolling along the coast how can forget. Of course, to the coast of Vung Tau to escape the heat of Ho Chi Minh City, why do not you soak in the blue water. Feeling cool, relaxed and refreshing how to do, nothing comparable. Standing in front of the vast sea, you feel so small. An unforgettable experience when coming to Vung Tau Beach is to enjoy fresh seafood. Sitting on the sea breeze, enjoying the salty sea delicacies delicately processed into many different types of people is wonderful. Nice view at the Hill Back to the years before, hog hill is not well known. In recent years, young people have discovered and discovered should always nude tourists visit the check-in. The name has many visitors curious, but to the present has not found the source of the name. The Hill is like a lighthouse on land. Standing on top of the hill, you can see clearly, including a Thuy Van street, a corner of Halong and Hon Ba Island in the middle of the sea. What is more wonderful is standing, sitting on the top of the hill, spread out his hands, back his neck back, the sea breeze blowing, how many life sorrows are sent along with the wind and flowers. The path leading up the hill is covered with rocks, interwoven with grass, rocks, wild flowers, giving the beauty of the hills. Each season the hog looks different. The dry season is full of stones, trees thought to have been burned burned, burned by sunlight. The rainy season is the opposite, the green leaves open the trees, more vitality. Of course come here in addition to watching the beautiful scene, young non-stop check-in movement. Image so deep at this place so come out, the shimmering shoot, posted on social networking sites, attracted many like and share. Story never knew about Bach Dien Vung Tau A tourist attraction in Vung Tau is attracting tourists to visit, it is Bach Dinh. White Palace was built between 1898 and 1916 in France. The purpose was to build a resort for the entire Indochina Paul Doumer. The project was built at a location south of Big Mountain, surrounded by green mountains. The path leading to the Palace full of white flowers, a poetic and dreamlike scenery. Today, the palace is used as a museum, exhibiting artifacts. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the cultural values ​​of an ancient time. Vung Tau city to visit the nose of Nghinh Phong Have been referred to travel Vung Tau tourists often refer to nose Nghinh Phong - where the wind. Owning a location is quite reasonable, top location, behind the mountain, in front of the sea. Come here, make a picnic, camping overnight is indeed ideal. The moment with hard meeting watching the sunset down, BBQ party, dance music jubilantly night all what is equal. And those of you who want to live virtual life are very easy to get there, there's a brick house nearby, the background idea for each photo is really good. On weekends, tired of the pressure, just with the hard-hitting and picking up of new things here is so interesting. Vung Tau Lighthouse Do not miss the opportunity to admire the lighthouse. Built in 1862, by the French began. This lighthouse is the symbol of the coastal city of Vung Tau. Do not hesitate to go bumpy, narrow corridors should not obstruct the population when conquering the lighthouse Vung Tau. The feeling is not wasted at all when walking in the middle of the road, the trees shine wide, this scene hesitated without checking in to save the most beautiful moments. Take a day to conquer the lighthouse Vung Tau look around the city, far away is the statue of God, or at the foot of the mountain is the tiny house at the time hidden. Hope the information sharing above to help you get a glimpse of the tourist spots in Vung Tau. So why this summer you are not together with the hard book book conquering the new things are waiting for you to save the most beautiful moments in the youth.

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