Saturday, April 21, 2018

Vung Tau tourism experience

Tourism Vung Tau bring you to the coastal city with the waves, the cool sea wind and fresh, the coastal town of vung Tau has many beautiful sights that make a difference.

1. Transportation You travel to Vung Tau by buying tickets at all bus stations of the provinces. Note that you should visit the bus station one day before departure to refer to the fare, type of car (usually, high), run time. The current price is 85 - 90.000.vnd / ticket Motorbike
You follow QL1, passing Dong Nai bridge will meet a traffic tank (Vung Tau crossroads, formerly known as Vung Tau crossroads), from here you turn right according to QL51. About 100km to Vung Tau City. Or you can go along the direction Cat Lai ferry, District 2 through Nhon Trach, Dong Nai. Going in this direction will save you time, but it's not safe to go in the evening. Take the subway train Ticket price is VND 200,000 / person. Ships usually run for about 5-7 minutes. If tickets are purchased before it is late, it is still changed to the next. Usually about 30ph is a train but the weekend without tickets if not bought before, or have to buy black market tickets will be more than 50k. 2. Hotels in Vung Tau From the pier or bus station take about 50 - 70,000 vnd to go to Bai Sau, crowded bathing area. The density of motels, hotels in Vung Tau is quite thick so prices are competitive. Should rent a hotel, guest house on Hoang Hoa Tham Street or back road to drop off to explore the night sea (price may be slightly better). Reservations should be made in advance on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays. Daily price is 100 - 300.000 VND / day / depending on the hotel. Can rent a hotel a bit far from the sea, will be served better that the price is also affordable. Want to be cheap then in the back a little or in the alley, cheaper than many facades. Like Hoang Hoa Tham Street, or behind the Victory Hotel. Reservations should be made early in the holiday season. Call ahead to ask the price is better. 3. Rent a car in the city Vung Tau tourism you can ride a new motorcycle enjoy all the beauty here. Basic price 150,000 VND / car, 200,000 VND / scooter within 24 hours, the hotel for rent, just down to take, no need to pile or anything. Add 30k gasoline c. Anyone who likes to feel relaxed, relaxed, can also rent a bicycle to walk the sea.
4. Eat and buy Vung Tau is a land with mountains and forests, so the specialties here are very diverse. Fishery has many types of typical folk items, such as rice crackers, pies, shrimps shrimp, barbecue. But you have to know how to choose the shop, find the right address to avoid being "hacked". Vung Tau beach is quite small and easy to walk. As a tourist destination, you can easily find cafés, dining places. You can refer to the delicious cuisine here
5. Fun destinations Ho May is the first mountain ecotourism resort of Ba Ria - Vung Tau with many new entertainment and entertainment services: ecology, resort hotels, culture, beliefs, cuisine, camping entertainment, entertainment. Take a tour of Vung Tau you will be fascinated with the largest statue of Jesus Christ in the world famous lighthouse. Or rocky shores, beautiful cliffs In Vung Tau there are some very strong games such as: driving canoe cost 500k / 1 hour can not know how to run canoe: D, release (350k / dog), watch dog racing is only on Saturday and Sunday Sea fishing is not necessary to buy tickets for rent only and though, but if you take the cable car to the cultural and cultural tourism Ho May must buy entrance tickets are 200k - 250k. From Can Gio through Vung Tau near 1h30 hour train runs from 6h (am) - 8h (am). If you travel more Vung Tau car should go soon a little bit will have parking and seating.

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