Friday, April 20, 2018

Vung Tau tourist watching the sunset

Vung Tau Beach is not known ever since and is attracting visitors about beautiful scenery, clean beaches and long sandy shore ... But perhaps Vung Tau is the most attractive in me is the sunset on the sea.

When the last sunshine of the afternoon descended over the sea, the sky was transformed from yellow to red and then purple was the moment when the sun was deeply enthralled when traveling to Vung Tau. Watching the sun rising slowly into the sea, I feel like my heart suddenly settles down, a sense of peace, all sorrow seems to disappear in the clouds, the sea of ​​immense ...   Vung Tau sunset is when the tide began to rise. Sea breeze today cool lightly. The salty taste makes my eyes feel spicy. Vung Tau Sea began to pale because the sun was about to set. The last rays of the day are not enough to create the color of the sea, but enough to make the sea a pale yellowish-white color. Take a tour of Vung Tau when the sun starts to turn off. Far away is not the sun shining on the glare of the sun, but a red glow placed on a large green tray. The fireballs are small and then fall into the sea.   The red sun glows down in Vung Tau, sometimes hidden behind the clouds, as if halfway across the sea, the other half sinks into the sea and sends out all the last sunshine of the day. The sun's rays are yellow, as long as they stay attached to the sand. All seemed to glow in the corner between the sky and the sea. The pink clouds gradually turned into pale yellow, slowly flew in the sky and turned gray, filling the sky with tiny stars. Winds like a thousand millstones, from the sea gently blowing into the cool. The birds fly over the cloud like fire, thrusting on the nest. The fishing boats ran about. The sails stretch like seagulls. In the distance, the blue mountain peaks undulating look beautiful. Bright stars like bright flames in the sky. Sunset was beautiful Vung Tau Beach. It makes the tourists travel to Vung Tau

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