Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Weekend "green" floating around the tourism Hai Duong Da Nang

Anyone who doubts in the heart of modern Da Nang there is countless ecotourism resorts bring relaxation, comfort, one that must mention the Secondary tourism. The green space of the mountains mixed with the sound of murmuring streams, murmuring rattlesnakes ... make you extremely impressed when set foot in this promising new land.

   Where does the name Underground Double come from? From the name of Double Miracles also make visitors think of something that has pairs, pairs of parallel, that is the place where two flows before flowing into the river. Ngoc Doi Danang is located far from the city center, in Phu Tuc village, Hoa Phu commune, Hoa Vang district - Da Nang. Natural Moments of the Twilight has been. It takes about an hour to drive a motorbike to the Double Dam. Like other ecotourism sites, want to go to Ngoi Doi, you have to spend a small fee to buy tickets to visit. Feeling the eyes are visible before the eyes are so majestic and poetic that you have to broach praise. The blue color covered with mountains, streams, and water created a beautiful picture without any language can describe. Wilderness of the mountains, cool air, clear streams that make you hard to refuse to jump down, soak for hours in the blue water. Stream water here makes visitors quite enjoy the clarity and coolness, suitable for outdoor picnic with the midsummer weather temperature rise. Feelings of swimming in the clear blue water, eyes to see every dream scene in the mountains you seem to be lost in the world of remote Central Highlands. Mother Nature has generously donated to Noi Noi a beauty so ecstatic so many young people have urged up and conquered the past has ever been. The rock formations are as diverse as the arrangement of the hand of nature with many strange shapes. Bend back or lean back on the cliff, drop the soul with blue sky or close your eyes, reflect on life. Sometimes the white rays of the waterfalls splashing into the midst of the rumbling sound is really interesting. Traveling to Danang, you can bring ready meals and water, rent huts built on the cliffs, and gather together for fun. A hearty BBQ party, a little passionate music, a bit of drunk beer ... in the middle of the forest scene makes you enjoy. In case you do not prepare food, there are also catering services to meet the needs of customers. The dishes of the forest like rice rice season, spring fish, rock snails, garden chickens, tomatoes ... make you remember forever and impress. Back to the previous years, the tourist village is quite wild, uninterested and exploited all this endless beauty. Up to now, hot summer heat, the sunshine "burning fire meat", causing the number of guests rushed here to avoid hot hot. Those who are types of people who like nature, like streams, waterfalls, this is one of those places. The emotions are intertwined in each other from surprise, amazement to admire and admire ... when conquering subtle Beauty. An outdoor picnic with friends, relatives in the hot summer days are the most beautiful moments in life, creating the link between the members of the family. Never waste your youth with the series of days to conquer and discover new things in the ecological tourism in particular and other places.

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