Friday, April 20, 2018

What is the beach in Mui Ne?

Mui Ne is a major tourist destination of Phan Thiet, visitors to Mui Ne by the natural beauty of this place and pristine beaches to please you.   With Mui Ne tourism experience we suggest some beautiful beaches you should come to the land here.

  Hon Rom stone beach   This is a tourist attraction Mui Ne has a charming landscape located in the beach complex of Hon Rom. This place has a strange charm because there are many rocks with strange shape opposite the sea. Especially the rainy season, the whole mountain is covered by the blue of nature. Sunny season, yellow grass season of power, standing from a distance look like a giant straw so the fishing net called this is Hon Rom.   Suoi Tien   The area is Mui Ne tourists prefer the name "Bong lai scene". Fairy Stream is a small waterfall located next to Hon Rom, this is a walking stream with beautiful sandy valley. Next to the stream are the natural stalactite hills are red and white. Due to the erosion of time should create the stalactite shape strange.   Sand Hill:   Also known as "Sand Hill" stretches many kilometers from Binh Thuan to Ninh Thuan. This color is extremely strange because of the color of the old iron mine mixed with the beautiful yellow sand color. This is also where many of the grand prize pictures came into being. The shape of the sand layer is constantly changing, because of the erosion of the wind, swept away by the thin layers of sand. Pictures of golden sand hill are considered as the symbol of Mui Ne tourism.   Sand dunes in Mui Ne   Mui Ne rock: The place has many rocks to the sea to welcome waves, the scenery is very beautiful and majestic. Between the rocky beach is a small sand beach, the top is the Ba Vang shrine, the end of the beach is cool Mr Thach Long, poetic landscape.

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