Monday, April 16, 2018

What should you eat in Bac Ha?

Bac Ha market is one of the most famous highland markets in Southeast Asia, to the market you not only learn the cultural characteristics of the cuisine of the mountains through the typical dishes.

1. Mat men

Mint is the most sold dish on the market, this dish is made from the best local corn. After harvesting, corn is ground to grind, then mix a small amount of water and whisk until cooked.
2. Corn tortillas

In addition to the grains of the compatriots, there are also dishes made from words such as corn tortillas. Corn cake is placed in a large pot when a new customer cut pieces to eat. Each piece of corn castor is priced at 10,000 VND. In addition to the cake, variation is another variation is to mix corn with flour to make the cake just plastic and fragrant.
3. Xoi colorful

Deep-frying is an indispensable dish in every Bac Ha market. To have five beautiful colors representing the Five Elements, the people of Bac Ha have been particularly picky in selecting raw materials, dyeing with natural materials and processing. The attraction of this sticky rice is not only in the season but also in the delicious taste of the glutinous rice, raw materials dyed naturally, but not a little color. A plate of sticky rice with a price of 10,000 VND can be served with sesame or spices of Bac Ha people.
4. Bac Ha Pho

The traditional noodle soup of Bac Ha people like sour soup, mixed phở, phở cooking would be no different than the bottom noodle soup if the noodles are not made from red rice - a type of rice only grown in Lung Phinh, Bac Ha. Pho is made entirely of handmade, there is pho noodle for you to choose chicken noodle and pig noodle is served with organ disks, raw vegetables, wild vegetables.
5. Victory

Thang is not the food can not mention if the market in Bac Ha. However, it is unlikely that visitors will see this dish dared to try because the ingredients and processing are somewhat "heterosexual". Trying to win is made from meat and horse organs and some other spices and ginger leaves.
Bac Ha is the home of the winners, so there is no place to eat, especially in Bac Ha market, Bac Ha wins are eaten on cold rainy days while eating and drinking a glass of corn wine is even better...
6. Ban Pho corn wine

Coming to the Bac Ha market, visitors do not forget to enjoy the most typical drink of Ban Pho. Liquor is distilled with the traditional know-how of ethnic minorities. The type of glaze that is used to make this wine is yeast. Sweet corn wine, sweet but very drunk. Corn tortillas with the win is a great combination of visitors should try once

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