Monday, April 16, 2018

What to buy as a gift when traveling Sapa?

Travel Sapa you can not ignore the dishes through the meaning of love for their loved ones for travel. So what should Sapa travel to buy as a gift?

 Brocade is one of the items that many tourists travel Sapa choose to give their loved ones. Brocade items are available at the local market or on the street, in the middle of the street. A handmade brocade or handmade brocade, which is the product of the girls embroidered half a month. Make a shirt, from the time the car to complete the costume, it takes several months. The dress of the woman's shirt, going through a lot of steps. Just look at the costumes, well enough to know their diligence, patience.
The sapa is scattered on the side of town streets, but is mainly taken to the sapa market by ignoring the bulbs, baskets on the Mongolian shoulders, on the carts; more by car. Digging tower is located, covering the street sidewalk market.
According to the travel experience, Sapa of visitors go before you remember to buy the glove to carry the dig should not be carried in plastic bags. Many people are afraid to bring the pebbles to dig with plastic bags or paper boxes, when the peach is almost unbroken, gray color ... almost gone.
Men's medicine, tobacco
 If you are a medicine connoisseur with Sapa, you can choose the rare medicine in this mountain area, it is one of the most meaningful gifts for your family. In the market to buy medicines South, North brought back as a gift for the elderly or the elderly. At the market, you can buy the drug retailers or have been packaged goods owners into every full ladder, all kinds. There are many licorice, white truffle, lotus, lotus seeds, lotus, triad, cassia, cross the frame, bowls, fragrant wood, soaps ... Sa Pa variety of plants, the grass is very rich and mostly It has long been famous for its plants that are suitable for this climate.
The tea is soaked in the right diameter formula, just as medicine.
Wild honey has many uses, but it is best for older people with asthma, stunted children.
The root of the herbaceous plant has high tetracycline content to cure diseases of the organ, including eye infections, skin diseases.
  Ganoderma lucidum and black tea powder to drink tea to regulate blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, even prevents cancer.  
Sa Pa's medicine today not only attracts the attention of tourists in the country and neighboring countries but also attracts the attention of tourists from the West to Sapa.
Surely with the information above you have to imagine what should buy when traveling to Sapa to give relatives on their travels right?

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