Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What to buy Da Lat tourism?

Da Lat - Dalat is one of the most attractive cities in Vietnam and the most international in Vietnam. However, not everyone knows the strength of this romantic misty city.

Sweater: sweater in Da Lat very good, soft price, suitable for all customers, there are many models for you to choose. Austrian cost of 20,000 or more (depending on the type of wool, depending on the code). You can buy at the market or buy at the Domaine de Marie church.
Confectionery - fruits - vegetables: red fruits in the fall with the types: crispy pink, pink, pink, pink eggs ... Butter in summer, fruit is not as big as Buon Me Thuot, but fat and fat. Haircutting is usually done at the end of spring, early summer. Unripe, unripe, green, ripened pink, with a velvety white coat on the outside. The hair is tender, sour, sweet. Strawberries are usually available in dry season, red berries, in Dalat there are two types: French red cherry, small fruit but sweet than American strawberries - big and sour. When you buy strawberries, the seller will put strawberries in carton box straw and strawberry leaves to avoid being crushed. Mulberries also have strawberry-like seasons, but people choose mulberry as their food is not good. Mulberry used to make jam is very delicious. Da Lat tourists are very interested in the variety of fruit as well as its freshness.
Jam: you can buy jam at the market, the price of a jam in Da Lat is relatively soft, many types of jam can only buy in Dalat such as dried roses, Pink Pin, Pink ... Price of jams ranged from 45,000 - 50,000 / kg.
Flowers: Dalat is known as the kingdom of flowers, tourism Dalat is also developed thanks to the beautiful land of heaven given to the land here. Each flower has its own voice, flowers for the first date, flowers instead of passionate expressions, flowers say the words of separation, flowers for nostalgia skin ... Da Lat has hundreds, Thousands of flowers, beautiful flowers, also have their own appearance. Typical and typical are cherry blossom, mimosa, purple phoenix, in addition to the orchid, rhubarb, rhino.
  Immortal flowers are often dried in Dalat tourists to buy as gifts to friends or to show in the room, in guesthouses. Flowers used to represent the seller is usually each basket (big, small), flowers for friends can often be combined into many pictures such as heart, boys, flowers
Dalat wine

The most famous is the Dalat wine brand. Presented in 1999, Dalat wine quickly became a drink and a popular gift.
Wine is a light wine that is extracted from fresh fruit, which is popular grapes, plums ... but Dalat wine is processed from the mulberry that is the difference so the most visitors. Have the opportunity to travel Dalat are both bought as gifts for their loved ones. The mulberry winemaking is not the same as the mulberry which is usually grown for silkworm rearing. Instead of leafy, this type of berries for many fruits, dark blackberries, twisted like tiny bunches of grapes. Strawberry making is only suitable for growing in cold climates. The wine is fermented from the typical fruit, through the process of traditional recipes and modern technology, the wine is born with a delicious taste, rich in nutrients. , often appear on banquets, family meals of many people across the country.

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