Saturday, April 21, 2018

What to eat in Vung Tau?

Vung Tau sea city is not only known as a beautiful tourist destination of the South, but also famous for many dishes such as croissants, stingrays, seafood ...

1. Biscuits Cake is a very famous dish of the coastal city of Vung Tau. Traveling to Vung Tau, you should not overlook cake shaped like Central Vietnam cakes, also made from rice flour. But with different types of bread base, the cake just dumped with the shrimp removed peeled. Another point is the sauce and how to enjoy. Central people eat cake base with many kinds of sauces such as: fish sauce, fish sauce seasoned, peanut soup, when to eat the cake in the cup, cut more vegetables to the top, chan sauce and enjoy . However, Vung Tau people eat completely different pies, the sauce has only one kind of sweet and sour sauce. When eating, people here usually take a green leafy lettuce, a leaf lettuce, on the top is vegetables such as fish lettuce, papaya slices, basil ... pick up a cake to roll up again point to the sauce.
2. Stingray Boat Apart from cakes, stingray hot pot is also a favorite food when traveling in Vung Tau. Processing this dish is simple and does not take much time. Sting rays are removed after surgery, cut under the fish mouth, remove the intestines inside. Rinse the fish with clean water, then rinse with vinegar or alcohol washed to avoid the smell of fishy fish and add flavor. Thai fish into small pieces about two fingers and then folded into plates, seasoned marinated to medium mouth. Stingray cartilage is very soft so it can be chopped into the pot to sweet water. In addition to meat and fish, rays hot pot attracts people because of the light sour taste of water is cooked from sour bamboo shoots with the aroma of coriander, coriander ... Eat hot pot is vegetables such as morning glory, banana , bun and indispensable cup of fish sauce with some sliced ​​fresh chili.
3. Baked octopus Octopus is a dish sold in Vung Tau, just go along the coastal Thuy Van, you will see dozens of trolley to sell this dish. From morning till late at night, the charcoal here is always flaming fire, the aroma of octopus grilled to spread in the wind makes you to tour Vung Tau irresistible.
4. Duck porridge, duck salad Located on Truong Cong Dinh Street, Duck Bar is always crowded here. If you go to Vung Tau without a reservation, it will be very difficult to find a seat. Quan has many delicious dishes such as duck porridge, bamboo shoots, duck salad, roast duck ... and especially duck soup.
5. Oysters, oysters Besides oysters, oysters, oysters ... oysters are the famous seafood of Vung Tau, especially the oysters are caught in Long Son Island. Oysters are made into many delicious and famous dishes such as oysters, oysters fried crispy oysters, cheese grilled oysters ... When traveling to Vung Tau, you can enjoy the delicious oysters at the cheapest bar Seafood on Long Son Island.
6. Seafood dishes Besides the delicious dishes mentioned above, Vung Tau is also famous for seafood such as crabs, crabs, shrimp, squid, snails ... Some addresses for new friends to travel in Vung Tau such as Ganh Hao , Le Dung Seafood Restaurant, A Dong Restaurant, Fish Sauce Restaurant, ...
7. Pigeon porridge Pigeon porridge is a very nutritious food and is popular with many tourists in Vung Tau. The place where most of this restaurant is sold is Do Chieu Street with over a dozen restaurants. However, with the gourmets, the best address to mention is the pigeon porridge street corner Chow. In addition to porridge pigeon cooked green, there are many other dishes made from pigeons such as grilled pigeon, pigeon roulade ...

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