Thursday, April 19, 2018

Wishing to taste vegetarian rice in Hue

Hue mountain is not high, the river is not deep but the people quiet because they know how to cultivate, know how to eat vegetarian pure soul. That is why vegetarian Hue is a specialty that can not be tasted when coming here.

 Beautiful in the vegetarian culture of Hue people There are probably few places in the country vegetarian food is as popular as in Hue. On the holidays as the full moon, the first Buddha ... visitors have the opportunity to visit one of hundreds of temples in Hue will enjoy vegetarianism that the temple prepared to invite four Buddhist pilgrims to visit. Not only vegetarian appear in the temples but also popular in the Hue family. Vegetarian dishes can be prepared for the tray of rice wine, rice offerings, early in the month, but sometimes it is simply a daily meal.
For vegetarians, vegetarian meals are simply fried tofu and vegetables, sometimes just boiled vegetables with soy sauce, chao. Vegetarian restaurants in Hue For visitors to Hue to enjoy the delicious vegetarian food is a very interesting experience. You will find it difficult to find as many menu items as in Hue. Visitors will enjoy vegetarian dishes such as vegetarian rice, vegetarian bun ... to vegetarian chicken leg, vegetarian chicken, veggies ... compared to salty dishes, Hue vegetarian food is not inferior, but also prefer Filled with less fat but still delicious, beautiful.   If you want to enjoy good food you can go to the restaurants such as Bodhi, Lotus, Tinh Tam, An Lac, Tinh Binh ... on the south bank of Perfume River. From the restaurant to the decoration, the dishes are Buddhist, the dishes are vegetarian with full of delicious dishes such as nem, noodle, chicken, lobster ... Made from vegetables, tubers, beans, mushrooms, dried bamboo shoots .... Especially in the Hue vegetarian dishes are the dishes are similar from color to flavor that must eat slowly, chew slowly to be recognized.   Some popular vegetarian dishes such as filtered cake, dough cake, little cake ... with vegetarian people are also served at the Dong Ba market, Ben Ngu, An Cuu on the full moon. If tourists can go far west of Hue, tourists will encounter the "Temple Street". The vegetarian food here is only about 5-7k / dish, you can choose many different vegetarian at the stalls in this street. Hue is not only where vegetarian food is but also where vegetarian cuisine has become art, not inferior to royal art. If you have the opportunity to Hue you must definitely enjoy the delicious vegetarian and learn the art of cooking vegetarian!

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