Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Worship the beautiful girl Valley in Pheo Gold

To Pheo Gold, it is not difficult to admire the shadow of Thai girls floating on stairs on stilts, traditional white robes, white skin. Daughter of this area is very beautiful Thai characteristics: high, white, long hair makes many people heart ...

People here say that long in Muong So commune of Phong Tho district was famous for the beauties with splashes that made the land lords and patrons of France fascinated. The wide valley is located at the foot of Phu Nhat Khau mountain range, where the Nam So and Nam Lum streams bend to fill Phong Tho (Lai Chau). This is the gentle land of more than 400 ethnic White Thai convergence, creating the nuance of culture is no. In recognition of her gratitude, people in the area have established shrines and annual festivals.
Until now, Pheo Gold still retain the pure beauty of the Thai people with the stilt roofs hidden behind the trees. In the midst of urbanization, Pheo Gold did not have a concrete house interwoven, all of which were covered with stucco wood.
To Pheo Gold, it is not difficult to admire the shadow of Thai girls floating on stairs on stilts, traditional white robes, white skin ... The daughter of this region is very characteristic of Thai people: high white skin, long hair makes many people anxious to come to this beautiful valley. Someone said that the hair of women in this area is much smoother than other places because we have a very simple secret of shampooing rice. However, it is said that the daughter of this beautiful region by reconciling the two Asian-European blood. Again there is the idea that there once was a palace of Lord Van An Pass to make the residence of many beautiful women, so their descendants are inherited beauty as well .... According to the French claim to be the Thai Lord of Muong So, when French colonialists used Van An Pass to govern the delta. But Thai Nguyen Pass is also known as a gentleman when there are 11 wives, who are also excellent people. The capital of this Thai King is located in Muong So commune, Phong Tho district, Lai Chau province today with many stories have become anecdotes ... Deo Van An has 11 wives, all the water quality heaven. Im looking for a wife by pretending to be a poor buffalo shepherd wandering to the water wharf, where girls often wash. Choose the beautiful people, lords are not forced to invite the team to spread and marry to marry. Everyone is beautiful and speaks very softly, skillfully. His wife is the beautiful girl chosen from all over the world. Of the 11 wives, according to everyone appreciated, each one looks like but beauty is very salty. The wife who comes first, who came later but lived very peacefully, equal with each other. To spoil the beauty, Van An Pass built a wooden palace with 11 wooden posts lean back Khau Nhu Khau mountain, facing the Nam So stream. Many bright moonlit nights, 12 fine beauties in the bath stream look like fairy goddess. God must guard the guards. Like the beauties of Van An Pass, today on festive occasions, the girls in Pho Pho often wear white robes - a Thai national dress with chiseled chests silver, half butterfly on each side, black satin silk dress, handkerchiefs, long sleeves and charming silver beads. Pheo Golden Night when the sky stars, the moon hanging the mountain, the girls paint bat brace of hands, black skirt ripped, feet step by the vulcan tone, the drum beating rhythm in the courtyard writer chemistry Just dance, the paint the girl just sing the skin to call her partner.

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