Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Xen Ban - Traditional Thai culture

In the cultural tradition of the Northwest ethnic people, the festival has become a tradition, traditions passed from generation to generation, including the Thai ethnic. Thai, "Say" means worship, broader than the demand for good weather, fresh season. Every year, the village is celebrated on April of the 10th day (according to the 10-day calendar of the Thai people, including: soup, new, marmalade, precious, April 17th.

According to the Thai tradition, April is the time of winter rice crop (previously only one rice crop, depending heavily on rain water), early summer, sunny so many people celebrate the ceremony. to pray for rain. Preparing for the festival, the people elected representatives are the successors of the first family to explore, build village. The representative invited the master about the offerings. Early in the morning, at the two entrance and exit of the village people set up two bamboo gate, sent strict watchers not to guests in the village during the ceremony. At 8 o'clock in the morning, the monk began worshiping under the old tree in the village. The presentation consists of a pig head (black pigs), two chickens, an egg, rice bowl, incense sticks, candles. Mo teacher took a bunch of paddy rice, a fish toss, a hammer on the table and then read the mo (praying) bridge for good weather, bumper harvest, chasing unclean spirit, bring health, Life is warm for everyone. After that, the teacher took a piece of bamboo, add a pair and then bounce. When two pieces of bamboo fall down if one is tilted (a tilted one) it is a good omen - the prayer was accepted by Giàng. The ceremony lasts about 30 minutes, then the ceremony will invite the teacher, Para (the representative of the people in the village, equivalent to the priest). At the ceremony, the representative brought the gift home, take a general wine should invite the teacher and his relatives to eat together happily. The publication is usually accompanied by drum beats, throws, mummies. Men and women divide the two sides, who throw in the circle on top of a bamboo plant in the middle of the yard will be rewarded with a cup of wine. After the ceremony, farmers in the plow plowed plow, plating, start a new rice crop. Ban is a tradition that preserves the traditional culture of the Thai people, unfortunately that tradition is gradually lost. This is a cultural custom that should be kept for the rest of the world.

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