Saturday, April 14, 2018

Young Saigon players check-in at Zone 87

Understanding the trend of "living virtual" fever of the youth, Zone 87 shopping complex eating in the heart of District 1, Nguyen Hue walking street was born. Zone 87 owner is no stranger, it is the actor Mi Du with total investment up to the figure of 15 billion.

  Zone 87 where in Saigon? Zone 87 has attracted young people to explore, shop, eat and not forget the "virtual life" check-in posted on the social networking site polar pictures. substance, shimmering. The prime location is located at 87 Nguyen Hue Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, in the middle of the pedestrian zone, Zone 87 becomes different in a series of luxury shops. Zone 87 from the outside looks nothing but behind the "curtain" of the sign hanging on the wall is the world known for delicious food, unique cuisine along with the fashion booths, clothes and The hottest accessories today. Zone 87 is so hot? The bazaar is based on the idea of ​​shopping, dining in Thailand and Korea. "Zone 87 is open to cater to the needs of young people without the fear of weather," said the hot girl Mi Du. With total area up to 1,000m2, the Zone 87 complex consists of 60 booths divided into 2 zones, dining and shopping areas. From the traditional glass tea milk tea to tart, spicy rice cake mixed spicy, traditional Vietnamese dishes or other Asian dishes, always scurrying youth to enjoy is known How delicious these dishes are.  The shopping area is full of personality, stylish style suitable for trendy young people. You choose and buy yourself super hot wings.   The space of the booths makes you delightful, airy, spacious and pleasant. Strolling, shopping, and eating without worrying about the need to pack are the criteria of this Zone 87 complex. After a series of time, shopping and energy for the hungry stomach, now the energy is full, you reward yourself with virtual moments of extreme space, fresh colors, create Extreme photos posted on social networking sites. To get this Zone 87 complex, actor, hot girl Mi Du has come up with the model idea and implemented the project in the past year, with the passion to bring the amusement park to the young Saigon. . Owning a favorable position, catching the psychology and trend of young people, Zone 87 promises to be a new stop for Saigon youth in particular and young people from many places. You do not have the opportunity to travel to Saigon, when there are plans to "fly" here, do not forget to mix into the exciting, exciting atmosphere that will certainly make you interesting and exciting no less.

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