Saturday, May 5, 2018

5 popular dishes in Saigon

No need to be ripped off, you can still go with friends to eat delicious dishes in Saigon such as fried butter, crab soup, lagoon, cherry and chicken wings. Young people often have the habit of asking their friends to eat after work. They do not choose expensive dinners but la carte to popular places with good and cheap food. Here are the familiar dishes that you should try when coming to Saigon.

1. Beef fried butter With a special sauce, add a few slices of chili, served with sour pickles, linguins and breads, and places to sell chopped butter especially for youngsters. If you go out to eat with friends, you will be invited to eat before the mango dip for appetizers and then enjoy the quail. Sauteed quail meat, seasoned with a rich aroma of butter will stimulate taste. At the quirky quail shops, besides enjoying the quail, you can also add grilled eggs, quail eggs and drink a glass of sugar cane juice. The price of each quail is about 12,000 to 15,000 VND. You can eat this dish on Dong Nai, District 10. 2. Crab soup Crab Soup is considered an appetizer, but has now become a popular snack. Hot soup soup is served with many cilantro, pepper, chili, added sweetness of corn or tender meat bought to give you a sense of appetite. Crab soup sells much in Saigon streets at very cheap prices for only 10,000 dong a cup. Crab soup and pork soups are often sold in one place, so you can choose your own cup of delicious soup satisfactory. 3. Defeat Time to do tan, places to sell lacquer in the city is quite crowded. A small cup of lagoon made from honeycomb, towel, phèo ... will be delicious when served with bread and fish sauce. The streets in District 4 are very popular with lagoons. cup once and for all. Hot pudding can also be used to transform into a lobster dish. The type of noodles used is often used in noodles. The price of a lagoon cup ranged from 13,000 to 20,000 VND. 4. Sickness Dilapidated capital is a famous dish in the cuisine of the United States, however Saigon people have long loved this dish. The most famous effervescent street in Saigon must refer to Ha Ton Quyen Street, District 5, when many of the fireworks are next to each other and always crowded. Filled with shrimp meat, pork, squid and fish balls are brought out always hot. Underneath, there are also many green broccoli. The decisive factor of this dish is in sweet and juicy smoothies, tasting just right. The price is usually from 30,000 VND for regular saline and about 40,000 VND for salted water. 5. Steam the chicken An egg-fried egg pie filled your boiling stomach. At only 35,000 VND, Chicken Curry is not a small place for those who have soul to eat. Stir the chicken Stir fried chicken breast can sometimes be served with crispy fried chicken. Sticky, plastic, chicken, chicken and non-delicious. At the hamburger egg shop, you can also enjoy dishes such as roasted chicken leg, roasted chicken roast and many other attractive dishes.

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