Friday, May 4, 2018

Aromatic "Tam Dieu Biscuits" Tam Dao - Vinh Phuc

As the cake just heard the name has made visitors very curious, want to see it immediately and enjoy it always. Ms. Truong Thi Mui from Dong Gieng village, Dao Tru commune said: The materials for making rice cake include sticky rice, pure ash water of soybean casing and dried bamboo shoots.

Each cake weighs only 150 to 200 grams, packed in chit leaves, in the pink gut of glutinous rice soaked in pure water of ash pea pods and dried bamboo shoots, all of which are blended with After the package is cooked to boil about 4-5 hours after the cake is ripe and then picked out the drain and then thoroughly to make the cake more smooth and plastic. than. Especially, this kind of cake has no nucleus, but when the dip with very good food, it is very cool and can treat high blood pressure.

Duck cake is typical of the San diu, especially in Dao Tru commune. When we came to the house of Mrs. Mieu, Dong Gieng village, Dao Tru commune, she said that the daughter of San Diu must know the package before going to get married, daughter San Diu must at least know 4 types of cake: Tram cake, Dummy cake and Ash cake, ash cake is more feat than all three types of cake. Cassava diced as Sanh Dìu is called "Bánh Dong dien". At present, Ms. Mieu has handed down all the secrets of making ash cake for her daughters and daughter-in-law. Mrs Mei added that she had wrapped this cake for over 40 years, although the cake has long been used. She has been making bread for her children, relatives and friends. Gherkins and Ashes are two traditional cakes that are usually made during the Lunar New Year. When coming to Tay Thien Mai festival, pack the cake to serve tourists. When visitors come to visit the Spiritual Center of Tay Thien nationality, please visit the small restaurant of Ms. Mieu to enjoy the secret cake or "Dien diem".

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