Saturday, May 5, 2018

As attractive as the Tay cake

Banh Mi of the Tay ethnic group in the Northeast or wrapped with Chit leaves, not with banana leaves as below. Cakes of ethnic minority Tay have a unique shape, different from the lowland cake. Biscuits with honey or honey honey are delicious.

The Chit leaves, whose flowers are often used for broomsticks, pick up dark green leaves, which have a very sharp edge, which can break the hands if not careful. Leaves after being cleaned using a towel, put in the boiler. Chit chit is hard and brittle, if not boiled, it will not be used to wrap the cake. Chit leaves are put into the pot boiling, the chit leaves are hard and brittle, if not put in the boiling pot to soft leaves will not be used cake package. Dry banana leaf, or dried tea tree stalks, burned to death, wrapped in cold water, wrapped in bucket or bamboo basket closed eyes. Boil water to cool to cover, then take the water. A wrapper according to the estimation of the cake maker that refills the medium. Pale juice will not be too beautiful, the water is too dark to have the scent of the gio, eat not delicious. Water is filtered carefully through the cloth, boiled up, let cool. Stir-fried glutinous rice is soaked, soaked in water for two to three hours. The glutinous rice is picked up in a pale yellow color, that is, the rice is drained so it is possible to pack the cake. The wrapper is wrapped in a small funnel, using a spoon to grind the sticky rice into the hopper, subtly folding the edges of the leaves into a cone-shaped cake, using a tongue tied around. When all the rice is packaged, the buns are brought out to cut off the fringed leaves, tied to the string. Put each piece of cake in the prepared pot. Bring the pot to the top of the stove for four to five hours. Gio cake
The new cake is wrapped, not cut off the leaf margin. Cake must be cool to be eaten, avoid eating hot because it will cause full stomach, indigestion. The cake is wrapped in a package, the cake is delicious when you bite a piece of the first fragrant scented pineapple leaf wrapped and we see in front of the eyes are no longer glutinous rice seeds but a golden block in plastic as amber appears. . Cake with dots with sugar cane molasses is also yellow, fragrant sugar cane smell. There are no honey cane houses replaced by forest honey. However, cakes with honey molasses are still the best.

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