Friday, May 4, 2018

Cakes for Western travel

Nine Dragon is not only famous for its lush fruit garden, but also attractive with many delicious dishes for you as a gift when visiting. If you have a trip to the West you should buy the specialty cakes below as a gift to friends, relatives.

1. Pia Sóc drinker Along the roads of Soc Trang Province, visitors can easily see the round cake, beautiful look and sweet taste is sold in many stores. It is the pia cake, the number one specialty of this land. Pia cake is processed with many skillful and sophisticated stages. Wheat flour is first thinned to make the outer crust. The cake is green beans or taro steamed cooked puree, fried with sugar and then mixed with fresh durian and egg yolk salt. After rolling the cake, the outer shell will be applied a layer of egg yolk salt and bring to the oven. Pia cake has a very characteristic flavor. Bite the outside of the diners will feel the taste of the powder. Enjoy the inside of the diners will find the taro of the taro mixed with the smell of durian aroma, the sweetness of sugar and the salty taste of egg yolk. All are mixed in a unique harmony. If you have the opportunity to set foot in this land do not forget to enjoy the pia cake and buy as gifts for relatives. Nowadays, pia pies are available in most provinces, cities in the west and Saigon, so visitors are easy to find. 2. Cake with American Cage My Cage is a small market specializing in selling specialties of Giong Trom District, Ben Tre. In addition to coconut here are rice cake is considered famous throughout the region. In order to make a delicious rice cake, workers must use a kind of rice gravel, a special rice variety in Tra Vinh to make no cake or crack when drying. Baking ingredients include rice grains, coconut milk, sugar. The top part of the cake is poured with sesame, ginger, milk, egg yolk, sausage, dried shrimp ... suitable for both salty and vegetarian. American Cake attracts many customers with attractive appearance by the sausage pieces, dried shrimp and thin layer of bright yellow eggs, which are baked on the fire burning charcoal. Piece of crispy bread, smells of coconut juice mixed with shrimp, sausage. To Ben Tre you will see this specialty everywhere. 3. Son Doc Cakes Westerners or Ben Tre often have the phrase "American roll cakes, Son Doc cake" refers to special characteristics associated with the land of this land. The delicious pancake is also the essence of coconut milk. The spongy substance of the pie with harmony of coconut fat as wrapped up the sentiments of the baker in homeland Dong Khoi. Although now Son Doc cake has many different variants such as onion cake, salty cake ... but sweet coconut cake is still famous more. Initially, Son Doc cake appeared only in the holidays, traditional Tet. But it is the fragrant, sweet, crispy crunchy, puffy cake has become the gift of the countryside everywhere and every day on the streets of the West. Over time, from generations to generations, popcorn is popular and unknown since it has become a traditional specialty of the people here. If you have the opportunity to Ben Tre, look to Son Doc to enjoy the puffy cake and witnessed how to make bread, then bought as gifts for relatives. 4. Tra Cuon cake Tra Cuon - Tra Vinh cakes are one of the two famous buns in the South. For a long time, the artist must go through many stages such as picking leaves, taking the natural color of the wax stick to make the kernel, wrapping and cooking are extremely public. phu. Choose from fresh banana leaves, medium size, no torn, sun drying to slightly tan, clean and neatly folded. When the cake package needs to choose the best local sticky wax with the proper plasticity, no other rice or glutinous rice, clean and dry, mix well with the leafy vegetables to have natural green color and light aroma. have color. Green beans for the bread must be large seeds, round and clean all the shell, cooked, smooth smelly flavor added to separate. Choose the type of thick fat under the skin, meat and fat are sharp ingots long angles, marinated spicy just like green onions, salt, sugar ... In addition to attractive and attract the diners, packers also add salt eggs.
5. Ben Tre milk cake Originated from Ben Tre, milk cake is made mainly from coconut, rice flour, mixed with tapioca, water, sugar, sesame, green beans, pineapple and durian in a certain proportion. When laying the cake, a towel was placed on the pot with boiling water inside. In order to get the cake soft milk, soft plastic, fragrant depends not only on the technique of pouring the cake, but also the swift action is clever, agile, and finally sprinkle sesame on. The mat is thinned and thinned for 3-5 days. The fat of the coconut milk combined with the smooth and soft of rice flour with cassava powder, plus the aroma of durian makes an impressive impression, unforgettable for milk cake.

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