Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Dinh Yen textile mats village

The project is always associated with the life of the people of Vietnam and our country has many famous weaving mats villages, which can not forget to refer to the Dinh Yen show of Dong Thap

Not only is the homeland of rice fields, orchards, fertile villages, Lap Vo district is also the place where weaving village famous in two communes of Dinh An, Dinh Yen, especially Dinh Yen - where 70% of households By profession as projection. Weaving, carpeting from paved trees is a great handicraft production in Dong Thap with available labor force, along with abundant local materials as pear trees. All Dinh Yen households have 1-2 looms or more. Weaving the mat but hard and vicious but Dinh Yen people with hereditary father is still diligent to continue to maintain and develop traditional trade villages. Every year, the households produce millions of products sold throughout the Mekong Delta and the South East. Come to Dinh Yen you will enjoy when this place is always colorful from the house out by the lane by the blue, red, yellow, white, purple, etc. It is interesting to see the turn of the day. The skilled workers from old, young, girls, boys in the looms, slices, strands etc. to produce beautiful, beautiful thumbnail; along with the skillful hands of the tinker, pattern printing, rim, borders, etc. Weaving mats requires the skill, sophistication and secrets to create durable, beautiful products, etc. Dinh Yen projection project has many types, sizes and designs, including: square cotton candlestick, cotton candle, candlestick, candlestick, candlestick, etc. Each type of projection has a uniform length of 2m, while the width of 1.4-1.6m; oscillating from 25,000 to 50,000 VND / pair. Currently, Lap Vo district has practical projects to support the development of industry, branding "Dinh Yen mat". Dinh Yen textile mills are also planned in the project to develop tourism services associated with rural villages of Lap Vo and Dong Thap.

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