Thursday, May 3, 2018

Doi Tam drum village

Doi Tam's emancipation work is well-known everywhere, village workers are present in every part of the country, but every year they come back to their hometowns to visit their village and their anniversary.

Address: Doi Tam Village - Doi Son Commune Duy Tien District, Ha Nam Doi Tam village, Doi Son commune, Duy Tien district, Ha Nam province has been occupied for a long time (more than 1000 years ago) with ancestors Nguyen Duc Nang and Nguyen Duc Ban. It is believed that King Le Dai Hanh prepared the village of agricultural plowing and agriculture extension, the two brothers of Nang and Nang have hand made a big drum to meet the king. The village is Ta Thunder.Dam Tam village Doi Tam's drumming work is well-known everywhere, village workers are present in every part of the country, but each year they come back to their hometowns and come back to their hometown. The occupation of Doi Tam is a hereditary profession. As a rule, the technique of emptiness is only passed on to the son, not to the daughter, son-in-law or outsider for fear of loss. Previously, the son of Doi Tam village at 12, 13 years old was taught to be small ... At 16, 17 years old was able to follow his father to make the drum. Thunder thunder is only for healthy men, experienced and skillful. Doi Tam village workers made all kinds of drums: drums used in pagodas, drums, drums, drums. Previously, on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the village workers made more than two thousand units to sell everywhere. But in the last few years, they have not done much because so few people buy. To make a drum go through three steps: skinning, mourning, and emptying. Skin is chosen to make the drum buffalo skin, to remove the membrane, soaked in water, deodorant and dried. The outer skin is used to make a large drum, the lower skin is used to empty the child. Wooden drums are mostly wooden jackfruit - soft plastic, not warped, cracked, more "Wood jackets are less vocal". Wood is cut into several pieces and then mixed into "chips". The village of Doi TamTuy according to the size of the new drum set out how many "chips", as well as the curvature and plasticity of the chip so that when grafted with the body fit, no gap. Also, in order to make the drum very clear, we also use the paint to cut into the slots, every layer has a layer of canvas. Finally, it is empty. Buffaloes are strapped to the full size of the drum, then fixed to the drum body with dead nails. Pins are made from old vines or bamboo. Although drums made of sinuous wood are more mahogany wood, wood. Still the basic drum steps but Doi Tam is famous for its durability, beauty, secrets as well as the sense of responsibility of workers. Even in difficult times, Doi Tam has maintained the tradition thanks to mutual assistance, helping each other among families emptied in the village. Today, artisans in Doi Tam still work to preserve the tradition of their father. Many families still take the job as a drummer and have a better life than before.

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