Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Go to Ha Tay village to visit Dao Xa embroidery village

Dao Xa village is one of the traditional villages of the former Ha Tay land, located 25 km south of Hanoi capital. Like many villages with banyan trees, wells, other communal houses, Dao Xa has a history of self-thousand. Over the years, the countryside, the countryside more and more penetrated the scene and people through generations. If you have the opportunity to visit Dao Xa, you go to the village to witness the statue of the village - Emperor of the embroidery, still strictly.

   Dao Xa embroidery process is similar to that of many other craft villages. The embroiderers receive the materials from the agents handed out for each household, embroidery only, designs, specifications, quantities, patterns for embroidery, and returned to customers also through agents. Then the goods are shipped to Japan, USA ... The hands are smartly show the smooth, nose in the nasal thread only the love Dao Xa, the village embroidered love was internationally recognized . Embroidery here is mainly painting, with hundreds of different designs. The village also has the "painter" very handsome, they are people day and night thinking of the beautiful models for the village. The material and spiritual life is improved day by day. In fact, it once again confirmed that the craft village - embroidery lace has contributed not less to a rich, stable and cultural villages as today.

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