Saturday, May 5, 2018

Go to the West to enjoy bird flu

Nodding is a bird with the same flesh as chicken, so people usually call it chicken. Nipple is a folk dish in the South of the garden, from the time of open desert. The nipple is not too large, the male is about 300-400 grams, the smaller one, weighing only 200-300 grams. The unique name of this bird is named after its unique cry of "flu, flu, flu." Around the time of night or late afternoon is the sound of this call more clearly.

There are many ways to process influenza, most of which use raw materials in the garden to eat, which is easy to become a delicious life with people who have been enjoying chicken water This is not the case. The most popular dish is the swab flu. Baking is also a simple way of processing, sticking to the wilderness than ever. The nipple is cleaned, baked on charcoal stove, scented with scalloped fat from attractive meat. Influence of the famous sweet nipples soft, add flavor of smoke occasionally, creating attractive dishes can not be denied. Soy stir fry is also easy to eat, easy to enjoy. Pork knuckle select the male, clean the meat and then cut small pieces, marinate garlic, sugar, sweet powder and then fried sauteed with garlic. Said it is fried but people do not use any extra fat but use the fat of the flu button to release the meat to hunt. Then, for a bowl of water, boil water and a cup, then stir in the fried, seasoned for the dishes on the dish, pepper. The simple but delicious food has become a specialty of tourism in Pork knuckle is also carefully marinated, but not fried but fried gold nursery. Pre-processing should be sufficient procedures such as plucking, storing straw, squeeze with secret spices to deodorize. Handled so thoroughly, when you enjoy, in addition to the delicious ingredients, you will feel the aroma, taste of the spice. Especially if you taste any part of influenza, you have no sense of taste fishy, ​​characteristic of any meat they have. Westerners also have countless delicious dishes made from influenza such as influenza nipple, coconut water, flu shot flu, swollen nipple ... The dish is also attractive, unique as the name itself. . If you have the opportunity to the southwestern region of water, do not forget to find a leafy child, call a pair of flu swabs and enjoy this rustic rustic unique.

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