Thursday, May 3, 2018

Ha Thai lacquer village

The village of lacquer, gold lacquer and lacquer Ha Thai is one of the famous traditional villages of Hanoi.

Address: Duyen Thai Commune, Thuong Tin District, Hanoi The village of lacquer, gold lacquer and lacquer Ha Thai is one of the famous traditional villages of Hanoi. Along with the development of technology, the demand of the society and trade villages are changing. Son paint, yellow lacquer and lacquerware are the traditional craft of Ha Thai village, Duyen Thai commune, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi. With a history of 200 years, Ha Thai has long been known for producing such products as worship items, Buddha statues, interior decorations, lacquer paintings, etc. In addition to the traditional products, Ha Thai lacquer products are increasingly diversified to meet the needs of the market. Ha Thai is not only consumed in the domestic market, but also exported to many countries in the world such as England, Japan, France, Italy, South Korea and USA. Thai people are favored by the local people who use the paint, in accordance with traditional experience, creating lacquer products with a deep gloss, high durability, can hold about 300-400 years. . However, the village of Ha Thai is making great changes. Artista Do Trong Tuat, 78, said that if the village's products were completely handcrafted before, demonstrating skill and craftsmanship of the workers, nowadays, with the application of technology and machines. It allows the creation of mass products, reduces the value of the product and pollutes the environment. The material used is different from the old. The use of Japanese paint as present does not bring a beautiful product with deep gloss. However, the consumption of this product is many times higher than the old material because the product is fast drying, easy to handle and cost 3-4 times lower than the product made of ta. Therefore, traditional lacquer products have no market. According to the vice president of the Ha Thai Do Hauy Sang Lacquerware Village, about 80% of the people work in the village, with 190 households. In the village there are still traditional households with their own know-how, so they still maintain the succession of hereditary children such as artist Do Trong Tuat specializing in gold-plated paint; artist Tran Thanh Dat with lacquer painting and carving ... However, the skilled workers are less and less. Most young people today only run by the profession, not devoted to the profession. There are many people who study art but choose non-specialized courses of lacquer ... Ha Thai lacquer village In the past, during the subsidy period, commodities and export contracts were distributed to the General Corporations and then to the companies and enterprises assigned to each cooperative, There should be high order and organization. But until now, due to lack of uniform direction, price competition has reduced the quality of products. Copyright issues in modeling are of little interest. The products in the household often overlap, because the copy should only be a series of ... In order to liberate the village environment and develop sustainably, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Department of Industry of Ha Tay (former) together with the Japanese NGO JICA invested in the planning and construction of the craft village Ha Thai lacquer on a large area, creating opportunities to focus production, promote efficiency and also an attractive tourist attractions. Mr. Do Huu Sang said: This is also a great opportunity to expand the consumption of traditional handicraft products to improve the quality of craft villages. The association of Ha Thai Lacquerware Village will also soon build a display area for traditional handicraft products to introduce and promote unique handicraft products of the village to visitors.

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