Saturday, May 5, 2018

Hien cake fragrant Hue

In the culinary heritage of Hue, the bread is more than countless: all kinds, all kinds, sweet, salty, luxury that are cheap but also have a common point of showing the ingenuity, creativity and processing, such as cassava. If you have to list simple dishes made with the cheapest ingredients, cassava is probably the first mention (cassava in Hue is the noodles in the South, and the cassava is called in the South, the cassava Hue called bean root). Cassava (pea) peeled, washed, put the root for easy grinding.

Grinding tools are now available for sale in the market, but before Hue people made themselves a small piece of tin punched close together. Cassava has two types, salty and sweet. Baked with green beans cooked beans, puree mixed with oil or fat, onions, salt, pepper as the way to make bread biscuits, tét. Make a cake, mix a little sugar into flour, and usually yellow sugar (the day before, the type of sugar cake into a black cake called street or road is very suitable to make this country cake), beans also bean Green, but mixed with sugar, like green bean tea. Cassava leaves are wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. Cassava cassava is hot when cooked, it is soft, flexible, leaves are still fumigated, sometimes pungent, pungent flavor of cassava and the smell of fresh banana leaves; green beans and aromas, sweet onions and spicy pepper. Sweet, sweet taste. Often the women of Hue are always two types: salty food before, the cake after the dessert. Often the families make cassava cake but rarely sell this dish in the market. Cassava cakes are made from simple and inexpensive ingredients but anyone who has ever tasted pastry will remember this long ...

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